RetroTink RGB2COMP - Convert SCART RGB to Component

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RetroTink RGB2COMP - Convert SCART RGB to Component

 Please Note: Includes Device only, a micro USB cable is required for power (you can also power off of a USB port on a TV or any other power adapter designed for USB) 


Analog transcoder to convert RGB video to component video.


  • Supports 240p/480i/288p/576i/480p/720p/1080i and custom resolutions
  • 1x SCART input
  • 5x RCA output (Y, Pb, Pr, Left, Right)
  • Rec. 601 conversion matrix
  • Note: The RGB2COMP uses an advanced power supply filtering circuit and is tolerant of virtually any USB source. Best would be the port on your TV or display if you have one.
  • How to Use

    The RGB2COMP is designed to be a high quality transcoder that is extremely simple to use.

    Plug in a microUSB power source. The RGB2COMP is low-power device and any microUSB power adapter or USB port should be sufficient.

    Connect the SCART input and the RCA component outputs. Power up your source and set your display to accept component video.

    You're done!

3 Reviews

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    Plug and play simplicity

    Posted by Nazar on Sep 10th 2021

    It did exactly what I needed it to do. No need to adjust settings to dial in the perfect picture, just hook up a scart connector to one end, and some component cables to the other and enjoy high quality video on a component input CRT without the need to RGB mod that TV.

    The packaging was very professional, and it included a nice braided USB cable to power it. No power adapter included, but that's not really an issue considering how many spare phone chargers everyone has laying around at this point.

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    Best alternative to a PVM

    Posted by ashley humphrey on Mar 7th 2021

    Image quality is almost spot on comparable to my 20" PVM when hooked up to a Toshiba 24 CRT. You really have to look for the different

  • 5
    Fantastic piece of kit!

    Posted by Collin on Dec 28th 2020

    I primarily run my consoles through RGB scart, but had a strong desire to play some duck hunt with my daughter. I was able to find a CRT, but of course no consumer TVs in the USA have scart. This wonderful piece of hardware allows me to turn my scart output into RGB component straight into my tv. It works fantastically, zero lag, and has a beautiful picture.