RetroTink 2X SCART - 480p Upscaler for RGB SCART Digital Video

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RetroTink 2X SCART - 480p Upscaler for RGB SCART Digital Video

The RetroTINK-2X SCART is the next evolution of the original 2X for converting RGB videosignals from retro consoles to a modern Digital Video display. The 2X-SCART is specifically designed to handle 240p off-spec signals and output 480p with low latency and minimal artifacts to preserve the original gaming experience. The SCART version adds a scanline generator, USB firmware upgrade support and is housed in an injection molded enclosure. In addition, the 2X-SCART is fabricated on a 4-layer PCB with improved routing, power supply and filtering for lower video noise.

  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • SCANLINE mode
  • USB firmware upgrade capbility - no special tools needed
  • Plug-and-play operation: RGBs SCART in and Digital Video output
  •  The 2X uses an advanced power supply filtering circuit and is tolerant of virtually any USB source. Best would be the port on your TV or display if you have one.



NOTE: The 2X-SCART is locked in Line2x mode in the current versions of the firmware. All units ship with the original v1.0 firmware. The v1.0 firmware contains the necessary code for the factory to program the anti-piracy measures and perform QC checks. Upgrade to the latest version here:


Please refer to the user manual at the link below for more information on upgrading firmware:


3 Reviews

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    Great Power in a tiny box!

    Posted by Marbles on Nov 21st 2022

    My current go to upscaler for RGB Scart capable consoles!
    Amazing picture and sound quality with no noticeably lag.

    I'm currently using it primarily for my Dreamcast.

    The only minor issue is the device has some compatibility issues with Elgato capture hardware. Though these issues can be easily worked around.

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    Posted by Tony Escobar Jr on Jun 1st 2022

    Superb upscaler, especially for Saturn. You must check compatibility with your monitor or TV. Worked great in an older LCD TV. It was not compatible with NexDock. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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    Great Upscaler when used with Insurrection SCART cables!

    Posted by Joshua Robertson on Apr 5th 2021

    You cannot go wrong with this upscaler as long as you use good SCART cables like the ones made by Insurrection Industries. I have use this with SCART cables successfully on SNES, Genesis, PS1, Saturn, and SMS. The video is beautifully line-doubled to 480p with zero lag, and it has worked on every TV I have tried it on.