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About Flash Cart Trade-ins

Stone Age Gamer allows customers to trade-in any flash carts originally purchased from an authorized vendor or the official manufacturer for store credit or cash (-25% trade-in value, paid via PayPal). Store credit can be spent on any purchase or product. It acts exactly as cash, but is limited to the store website.

PLEASE NOTE: Stone Age Gamer only accepts flash carts that it sells or has sold in the past. If your flash cart is not listed, it will not be accepted. Currently, the only exceptions to this rule are the 3DO USB Adapter and the Dreamcast USB Adapter by MNEMO. While we sold these products in the past, we no longer support or endorse them.
How It Works
The customer chooses one of three (two for non-U.S.) Methods. Each Method has advantages and disadvantages. These are outlined in more detail on the Method Select page, but here is a quick overview.:
  • METHOD #1 - Customer ships trade-in to Stone Age Gamer. Upon approval, the customer receives store credit added to their store account or PayPal payment.
  • METHOD #2 - Customer immediately receives store credit. The next order the customer places is held until the trade-in is received. Upon approval the order is shipped as soon as possible to the customer.
  • METHOD #3 - Customer immediately receives store credit. The customer pays a deposit on the trade-in. The next order the customer places is shipped as soon as possible. Deposit is refunded upon receiving and approving trade-in. This option is currently not available to non-U.S. customers.
  • PCB (circuit board) must be 100% operational.
  • PCB must be in very good condition. No dirt, scratches, cracks, breaks, corrosion, etc. The only exception is minor dust and/or normal edge connector wear.
  • If the flash cart was purchased with a pre-existing shell, that shell must remain. Cosmetic condition of the shell has no determining factor on trade-in value.
  • Must be a PCB manufactured by the official manufacturer. PCBs from any other manufacturers are not accepted.
    • WARNING: Some Chinese-based manufacturers have sold clones of flash carts that we sell. These PCBs will look very similar to the official manufacturer's. If you do not know the origins of your flash cart, we highly suggest not submitting it for trade-in. All PCBs will be inspected and tested for authenticity. Failure to pass our examination will result in cancellation of any associated order and you will be assessed a $25 processing fee, plus the cost to ship your PCB back to you.
  • PCB must be unmodified. Any PCBs that have been modified in any way from how they were received from the vendor will not be accepted.
    • EXCEPTIONS: We understand some customers may have SD2SNES PCBs modified to fix MSU-1 sound issues or a modified Super SD System 3 that fixes some A/V issues. We will allow such modded flash devices to be traded-in. However, these devices will undergo additional mod quality inspection and testing. Failure to pass this inspection will result in a $25 processing fee and the cost of return shipping. If you are not confident in the quality of your modification do NOT submit it for trade-in.
Current Trade-in Values

(Store credit values shown, PayPal payout decreases trade-in value by 25%)

NOTICE: Flash cart trade-in values are adjusted on the 1st & 16th of every month. Prices are adjusted to take into account: demand, stock-on-hand, and upcoming new product releases.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can I purchase a pre-paid shipping label from Stone Age Gamer?
    A: Yes, U.S. residents may purchase a pre-paid shipping label for $6.00. This amount will be debited from your trade-in value or in the case of Method #3 added to your amount due.
  • Q: I don't have access to a printer, will you mail me my pre-paid shipping label?
    A: Yes, U.S. residents may select to have their pre-paid label mailed to them for an extra $2.00 fee.
  • Q: Does it need to be a flash cart purchased from Stone Age Gamer?
    A: No, but it must be an official product originally purchased from an authorized vendor or the manufacturer.
  • Q: Do we need to return in the shell?
    A: Yes, the shell must remain intact. If it was purchased without a shell, then a shell is not needed.
  • Q: Is there extra credit for Deluxe Editions?
    A:No, unfortunately we will not give any extra credit for Deluxe Editions. This is because the little credit we could give would most likely be offset by the extra shipping costs you would have to pay by shipping a larger / heavier package.
  • Q: If I have a Deluxe Edition do I need to return the case and manual?
    A: No. You do not need to return the case and manual. Just the cartridge. This should help save on return shipping costs.
  • Q: My shipping company does not allow lithium batteries, can I ship it without the battery?
    A: Yes, if there are restrictions against shipping lithium batteries, you do not need to include the battery.
  • Q: I have a custom flash cart made. Can I get extra credit for trading it in?
    A: Unfortunately we can not offer extra credit for a customized flash cart.
  • Q: When will this trade-in program end?
    A: There are currently no plans to end the trade-in program.
  • Q: Can I trade-in flash carts you don't sell such as EZFlash?
    A: No, it must be a product we currently sell or have sold. The only exceptions are the 3DO USB Adapter and Dreamcast USB Adapter by MNEMO. We will not accept trade-ins on those two products.
  • Q: Can I trade-in the Dreamcast USB Adapter or 3DO USB Adapter by MNEMO?
    A: No.
Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.