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  • SAG Episode 210: I Don’t Know, Here’s a Game
    Jul 13th 2018

    SAG Episode 210: I Don’t Know, Here’s a Game

    Show NotesWith the NES Classic Edition returning to store shelves, Dan and Kris decide there’s no

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  • Why I Love Megamania
    Jul 11th 2018

    Why I Love Megamania

    The first time I played Space Invaders on my Atari 2600, I was hooked. I was pretty young, but I was

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  • SAG Episode 209: DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!
    Jul 6th 2018

    SAG Episode 209: DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!

    Show NotesDan seems to have disappeared, so Kris flies solo, answering listener questions, profess

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  • Bombs + Chickens = Greatness
    Jul 5th 2018

    Bombs + Chickens = Greatness

    I can’t explain why, but the combination of bombs and chickens in video games has always been a favo

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