RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync) for Sega Saturn - Insurrection Industries

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RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync) for Sega Saturn - Insurrection Industries

Get the best possible quality from your Sega Saturn console with RGB SCART cables.  These cables support Csync and work great with RGB modded Sega Saturn consoles.  

  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Independently shielded stereo audio to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded RGB video to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded sync signal to reduce interference and video noise
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for all color, sync and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • All cables use very high quality Nichicon UHV capacitors where needed
  • Every cable is designed with industry standard impendence and signal level characteristics for maximal compatibility and performance

8 Reviews

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    Sega Saturn SCART cable does just what it is intended to

    Posted by Nick W. on Jul 24th 2023

    Cable works great! The only thing I wish I could change on this product is the angle the cord exits the SCART connector. When hooked up to a RetroTINK 5X, the cable protrudes towards the front of the device

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    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by Michael Gilbert on Jun 1st 2023

    My Saturn`s HDMI converter stopped working, so I looked for an alternative, and since I have a Retrotink 5x, I thought this cable would be ideal, and it is. It pairs perfectly with the 5x to send video and sound to my screen. So glad this was available, as it`s hard to find good HDMI converters that don`t die. Since this is just a cable, I shouldn`t have any issues with reliability anymore. Overall great item!

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    RGB on a Budget

    Posted by TheRage800 on May 1st 2023

    Great price for an RGB cable. Works great with my Retrotink 5X.

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    Posted by Best cable on Jan 28th 2023

    Best cable quality built and crispy image

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    Build Quality.

    Posted by Sean on Nov 1st 2022

    The cord didn't work for me from the first plug in. I wasn't sure if it was the cord or a defective Retrotink 5x (I would get sound but no video) but, with help trouble shooting online, I got it to work by unscrewing the end the physically gently pushing the cord into the head a little.

    Once I found the sweet spot I didn't touch again, however, today it just stopped working altogether (just the video, I get sound). Not sure if this is a fluke but the build quality is not acceptable.

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    SS scart at its best

    Posted by Martin on Jul 31st 2021

    The 2 best rgb scary options are either from the UK or insurrection industries. I bought 3 all up. Top quality product and thank you Stone Age Gamer. Tested on JP Saturn

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    Affordable RGB cables for the Sega Saturn!

    Posted by Matthew Iong on May 22nd 2021

    Great cable from insurrection industries. I have the CARBY for the GameCube and yet again another solid product from this company. Cables are thick, and well shielding. I have personally not experienced any type of interference, and the video quality out of the Sega Saturn with this cable is crisp, and clean.

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    Just What I Needed

    Posted by Jeremy Posner on Mar 14th 2021

    I've been using a cheap Saturn SCART cable for years; but decided to get this one as an upgrade and it's perfect.