RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync) for Sega Saturn - Insurrection Industries

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RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync) for Sega Saturn - Insurrection Industries

Get the best possible quality from your Sega Saturn console with RGB SCART cables.  These cables support Csync and work great with RGB modded Sega Saturn consoles.  

  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Independently shielded stereo audio to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded RGB video to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded sync signal to reduce interference and video noise
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for all color, sync and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • All cables use very high quality Nichicon UHV capacitors where needed
  • Every cable is designed with industry standard impendence and signal level characteristics for maximal compatibility and performance

15 Reviews

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    Excelent Cable

    Posted by Miguel Martinez on May 9th 2024

    Well done cable, with excelent materials, fully recommended!

  • 4
    Almost perfect cable

    Posted by Trent on Apr 30th 2024

    Plugs right into my Saturn and looks fantastic hooked up to a Retrotink 5x. My only real complaint is that the little collar that goes around the cable and screws into the SCART connector doesn`t tighten up all the way and is kinda loose. But it doesn`t seem to affect anything so I`m not too worried about it. This is my second Insurrection Industries cable and I`d buy another for a different console.

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    Great picture - loose connection

    Posted by Brian on Apr 20th 2024

    So far this is a winner for picture quality and sound. The only issue I have is that like most current scart cables this has no screws. So it sits loosely and can be shifted or pulled out easily. Plan accordingly.

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    Crisp and clear

    Posted by Dan on Apr 17th 2024

    Great build quality, the resulting imagine looks pristine, is what your Saturn deserves.

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    Fantastic quality SCART cable

    Posted by Kitty on Mar 21st 2024

    This thing looks like it`s pretty solid. It`s very well insulated and I get a really clean signal from a Japanese Sega Saturn I have through a scaler to the TV. Not very expensive either, which is great

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    These Work great on my Retrotink 5x Pro

    Posted by Gerardo on Feb 21st 2024

    I use these with my PC Engine(turbonanza installed)and Sega Saturn. The picture is crystal clear coming out of my Retrotink 5x Pro! I highly recommend these! I also use them on my various PVMs and they look great! If they`re in stock and you`re on the fence about them, GET THEM! The only other quality options are across the pond and honestly to me both work the same and both have goos quality parts!

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    Great SCART option with C-Sync

    Posted by Nathan Mitchell on Dec 19th 2023

    Cable quality is great, and insurrection has an awesome product they are selling. Image quality can`t be beat with SCART. Only thing I do not like is the weird angle installed in my Retrotink 5x and the stress relief nut was loose when I received it. Just had to tighten down and I was back in the game.

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    Sega Saturn SCART cable does just what it is intended to

    Posted by Nick W. on Jul 24th 2023

    Cable works great! The only thing I wish I could change on this product is the angle the cord exits the SCART connector. When hooked up to a RetroTINK 5X, the cable protrudes towards the front of the device

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    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by Michael Gilbert on Jun 1st 2023

    My Saturn`s HDMI converter stopped working, so I looked for an alternative, and since I have a Retrotink 5x, I thought this cable would be ideal, and it is. It pairs perfectly with the 5x to send video and sound to my screen. So glad this was available, as it`s hard to find good HDMI converters that don`t die. Since this is just a cable, I shouldn`t have any issues with reliability anymore. Overall great item!