EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini (Frosty)

PCB Version: Model 19, Rev. B (X5 Mini)
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EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini (Frosty)


This is the Frosty version of the EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini. This cartridge comes assembled in a transparent blue shell with a Frosty style label.

Ever dream of having your whole library of Game Boy Advance games in a single cartridge? The EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini allows you to load your personally backed-up games from a microSD card, put the SD card into the EverDrive-GBA, put the EverDrive-GBA into a Game Boy Advance compatible device and have your list of games at your finger tips. Please read the FLASH CART DISCLAIMER below before purchasing.


  • Blender Bros.
    Blender Bros.
  • Broken Circle
    Broken Circle
  • The Humans
    The Humans
  • Prophecy - The Viking Child
  • Pyramids Of Ra
    Pyramids Of Ra*
  • Racing Fever
    Racing Fever
  • Punch King
    Punch King
  • Super Hunchback
    Super Hunchback*
  • Turbo Turtle
    Turbo Turtle
  • Tyrannosaurus Tex
    Tyrannosaurus Tex*
* Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are not compatible with the EverDrive-GBA unless played in conjunction with a compatible emulator on the EverDrive-GBA.

  • Officially Licensed From:Piko Interactive

Basic Edition vs. Deluxe Edition

The Basic Edition comes with just the EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini cartridge in the selected style or configuration covered by a 1-year Warranty. Whereas the Deluxe Edition includes the cartridge, a case, printed manual, an EverDrive-GBA sticker, Stone Age Gamer sticker, and is covered by a 2-year Warranty.


  • Small design! Will fit flush in all your GBA handhelds.
  • High compatibility. Almost 100% compatibility with GBA game library.
  • All save types supported, no ROM patching required.
  • Fast Loading (most games load within 1 - 2 seconds).
  • 256Mbit PSRAM (32MByte) ROM memory.
  • 1Mbit SRAM (128KByte) save memory.
  • Real-time clock support.
  • Low power consumption.
  • SD, SDHC and SDXC cards are supported. Tested with micro-SD cards up to 64GB.
  • FAT32 support.
  • Supported with GameCube GBA Player, Super Retro Advance adapter and other GBA accessories.
  • NES, GB and GBC games support (emulation mode).


A) PIRACY – Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. ("Stone Age Gamer") does not support or condone piracy. Flash carts, ODEs (optical drive emulators), and similar devices Stone Age Gamer sells and supports are intended to be used only for the following purposes: development, playing games licensed by Stone Age Gamer for use with the product, and/or playing currently owned personally backed-up games and media where it is legal to do so. Stone Age Gamer does not offer support for any other use of this product.

B) PERSONAL BACK-UPS – In many territories it is legal to make back-ups for personal use and/or archival purposes, however it may not be legal in all territories. Please learn the national and local laws regarding this subject before making back-ups for personal use. Please note, in most territories "Personal Back-up" means exactly that; back-ups you made yourself of games you currently own. This often does not include back-ups obtained via other methods (i.e. downloading), even if it is a game you physically own.

C) DAMAGE – Neither Stone Age Gamer or the manufacturer is responsible for any damage of property this product may cause. This is a new product intended to be used on electronic hardware that exceeds two decades in age and Stone Age Gamer can’t guarantee the condition of such hardware. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

D) MODIFICATION & USE – Any unauthorized modification and/or non-intended use of this or any other flash cart product sold by Stone Age Gamer shall void both manufacturer and retailer warranties of that product.

E) CLONE / MODIFIED CONSOLES – Flash carts / ODEs were developed and intended to be used on un-modified original hardware using original hardware accessories. Stone Age Gamer does not guarantee flash cart / ODE operation on clone consoles or modified consoles. Flash carts / ODEs may operate on some clone consoles or modified consoles. However, due to power consumption changes, random hardware changes and/or firmware updates of those consoles we cannot offer a guarantee of flash cart compatibility. Any returns due to incompatibility with clone consoles or modified consoles will result in no refund of any shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee if no defect is found during testing.

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Terrific Product!

    Posted by Josh on Jun 30th 2023

    This plays every gba game flawlessly. It`s well built and looks great. Thanks Stoneage Gamer!

  • 5
    Great purchase

    Posted by Luke on Nov 29th 2022

    This is an awesome product that comes with plenty of instructions and they surprised me by setting up the SD card they sent for me. I would absolutely recommend this site to anyone looking for anything retro.

  • 4
    Amazing flash cart with a slight issue

    Posted by Max J. on Jan 14th 2022

    This is my first flash cart I've ever bought, and I have to say it is amazing! It looks and feels premium. It's easy to setup - format your SD card, copy some system files and ROM's to it, and you're ready to go.

    It works really well. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I've had no major issues.

    My only gripe is the way it saves your games. When you play a game, the EverDrive will save to memory - not the SD card. It won't dump the save to the SD card until you launch a different game. This can make jumping from the EverDrive to your computer a bit wonky sometimes. If you need more details, see here:

    The site will only let me choose 4 or 5 starts, but I'll gladly give this one a 4.5 starts (a.k.a. 9 /10). Great product!

  • 5
    Buy with confidence

    Posted by Nick on Dec 30th 2021

    Awesome little cart. Very nice casing, easy to set up and use. Feels like an authentic game, built very well.

  • 5
    The Only Cart for Your Travels

    Posted by Kevin Rettino on Oct 30th 2021

    This is actually only the second flashcart I've ever owned, the first being the Everdrive 64. I thought everything about it was flawless, and that's the same deal here.

    Like the ED64, compatibility was pretty much 100%. I tried dozens of GBA games and none of them ran any different from using my real carts. I also tried some other games but never ran into anything that would suggest any issues, very impressed. That's just for Gameboy Advance; for GB/C games, it's not as cut and dry. The X5 uses emulation, since the cartridge can't press the physical button to switch to Gameboy Color mode. I ran into one incompatible game, and there is some input delay, but otherwise this is more than acceptable for portable use, though for home use I recommend something else. I also wasn't able to get some GBA video roms to work, the 64MB ones, but that's not a loss or strike in my book.

    Overall it does the one thing I asked it to with flying colors: Play Gameboy Advance games. It is unfortunate to have to use emulation for Gameboy/ Color games, but being able to play those on a DS makes up for it in my mind. With prices rising for the better games on the system, this device pays for itself. Even if you only have interest in five games it pays for itself, on top of being able to experience new ones. Strongly recommended.

  • 5
    Basically flawless

    Posted by Mirza on Sep 10th 2021

    Enough has been said about this cart, the only thing missing perhaps is for KrIKzz to provide a manual with his products and that would be basically it. For anyone wanting to save their actual carts from wear and tear, and get something that doesn't deplete their battery like some of the other flash carts tested out there, this is the cart for you. A special mention is deserved for the color combinations you can order on this site, I got this frosted blue to go with the dark blue faceplate on a Game Boy Micro and looks awesome. SD cards fit nice and snug (you can take it out without taking out the cart from the system as well). Games fire up instantly with no hitch. The only possible thing missing functionally is being able to set your real time clock (you can through the game Boktai thankfully), or a Reset-to-Menu hotkey combination of some sort. But otherwise this thing will handle anything you throw at it. Also nice how it sits flush with GBA/GBA SP/GB Micro.

    Really nothing much left to say other than this is the cream of the crop for a reason. Maybe there's something out there with some other functionality that does better than this cart. But I doubt they can do it with power efficiency this cart is capable of.

  • 5
    Great way to replay classic games

    Posted by Juan M on Jul 7th 2021

    I was hesitant to buy this product, but in my quest to replay some of my favorites games from GBA and a video from My Life in Gaming that mentions this product later... it delivers!, very easy to setup and revive my old console, great memories! definitively a must buy :) btw kudos for the presentation of the cartridge looks awesome

  • 5
    Reliving my childhood!

    Posted by Shawn on May 19th 2021

    This thing is excellent! I have not found any games that it won't play (including some romhacks). No issues with saving, either. Being able to play Gameboy Color / Gameboy games is a huge plus too. Also love the color.

    If you're looking for a GBA flashcart, this is the one to get, no question

  • 5
    Everdrive GBA XS Mini

    Posted by Jeff Battle on May 1st 2021

    Awesome cart, easy to setup. Runs everything like a champ.