Troubleshooting Flash Carts

If you are having issues getting your flash cart to operate please try the following before contacting Stone Age Gamer.

  1. The obvious stuff.
    Make sure all your power, AV, and controllers are hooked-up properly.
  2. You may have a region conflict.
    Although many flash carts are region free some require a region switch to be on the proper region or the region to be synced with the flash cart. ED64 has a region switch in the SD card slot area. Turbo EverDrive has a region switch on the side of the cart. Super EverDrive/SD2SNES/ED-N8 may require region syncing. This can be accomplished by resetting the system up to 5 to 7 times.
  3. Are you using it on the original hardware?
    Flash carts were designed to work on original hardware. Although some may be designed to work with clone hardware, we do not guarantee operation on clone hardware due to design changes that happen on these products. Flash carts will NOT operate on emulator-based systems such as the RetroN5 or RetroFreak.
  4. Are your pins clean?
    Clean both the flash cartridge pins and system pins with a contact cleaner. If you do not have contact cleaner try alcohol or a glass cleaner. Let dry for 10 minutes before using.
  5. Are you using an official power supply?
    Flash carts have been known to have issues with 3rd-party power supplies. Please use an official power supply with your flash cart if you are having issues.
  6. Do other cartridges work in the console?
    Test the console with known working game cartridges.
  7. Cartridges work, but the flash cart doesn't.
    Flash carts often draw more power than your typical game cartridge. Your console could be experiencing issues that your typical game would not trigger.
  8. Does the flash cart work in another console?
    If you have another console or have a friend/family member with the console please try it on their console. If it operates on that console then most likely it is an issue with your console.
  9. Try a different SD card and/or reformatting the SD card.
    Some SD cards have compatibility issues. Try a different SD card. Also try reformatting the SD card in FAT32 on a Windows PC. 64GB+ SD cards may need special software to format in FAT32.
  10. Are you using a 3rd-party controller?
    Some 3rd-party controllers cause flash carts to not operate correctly.
  11. Still having trouble?
    If you feel confident after attempting to troubleshoot the flash cart yourself that it is indeed defective, please request a return by logging into your account, going to the order, and then select the "Return Items?" link. Please specify in the comments of the return that you did indeed attempt to troubleshoot the product before requesting a return.