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Operating System | Release Notes | Bootloader

Operating System

WARNING: If you are updating from v1.12 or earlier to the latest firmware we highly suggest backing up all game saves.

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v1.16 01/11/2022 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.15 11/11/2020 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.14 11/10/2020 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.12 08/16/2018 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.11 09/08/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.10 09/03/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.05 09/01/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.04 08/29/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.03 08/27/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.02 08/24/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.01 07/30/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.00 07/15/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]

Release Notes:


  • Fixed problem with EEPROM saves on Analogue Pocket.


  • Fixed quick boot mode.


  • Fixed Flash saves bug.


  • Saves management changes. System will move save data from battery ram to SD card every time when cartridge boots to menu (instead of moving when game changed). It makes save system more clear and prevent lost of data for last played game if battery dry out.
  • File sort option
  • Fixes for file system core
  • File delete function
  • Minor changes in menu interface
  • Save-memory type database now located in external file "GBASYS/sys/bram-db.dat"
  • SRAM+RTC settings now set by default for all ROMs which isn't exists in bram-db
  • Developers can use specific ROM ID for selecting save type. If ROM isn't exists in bram-db then first char of ROM ID can be used as save memory selector: 1 - EEPROM, 2 - SRAM, 3 - FLASH-64 and 4 - FLASH-128. Number should be stored as char, eg 1 equal to 0x31 in hex format.
  • Changed emulators setup. Read GBASYS/emu/readme.txt for details


  • Fixed "Fpga reboot..." error which appears at some GBA clone systems.


  • SMS and GameGear emulation support. Required third party emulator (SMSAdvance).


  • Emulation support for NES and GB/GBC games. Required third party emulators (PocketNES and Goomba)
    Now any nes or gb/gbc games starts right from menu, like regular gba ROMs. Emulators download link: Just drop goomba.gba and pocketnes.gba into GBASYS folder, now you can play gb, gbc and nes games!
  • Hide GBASYS option.
  • Rom setting option: individual save and rtc settings for each ROM.


  • Fix for SanDisk cards (has effect only in pair with bootloader 1.04).


  • Another compatibility fix for SD cards.


  • Bootloader update function.
  • Improved SD cards compatibility.


  • Improved SD cards compatibility.
  • Fixed save type auto detection for some games.


  • Fixed save type detection for some games.


  • Original release.

Boot Loader

(!) These updates are required only for users who has problems with SD card compatibility (SDIO and FAT errors). Do not install these update if you already have bootloader 1.02 or higher version. Turn on your cart without SD cart to check bootloader version. Version shown on the top of the screen (EverDrive-GBA bootloader v1.xx).

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v1.04 08/31/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.03 08/27/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.02 08/26/2016 X5 [DOWNLOAD]

Installation Instructions:

  1. Load OS v1.03 or newer on SD card
  2. Copy boot-v1.02.upd on root folder on SD card
  3. Select boot-v1.02.upd file in cart menu and push "Update bootloader"
  4. Reboot your system.

IMPORTANT: To install this update you will need SD card which already working properly with your EverDrive-GBA, or at least stable enough to boot OS. If you can not boot OS, then you can not install current update.



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