CARBY HD Adapter for GameCube - Insurrection Industries

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CARBY HD Adapter for GameCube - Insurrection Industries

Carby, A Major Boost for Your Gamecube! (Available in Black or Clear with remote)

CARBY is a digital audio/video adapter for your Nintendo GameCube. It will take the digital signal from your GameCube digital port and convert it to a pure digital and audio stream compatible with most modern HD televisions.

Just a few of its great features:

  • Precision molded, metal shielded digital connector crafted to exact OEM specifications, provides an ultra-secure interface with your GameCube
  • Analog output remains open and active for additional sound and video options
  • Digital audio and video interface for clear and precise video and stereo sound (available modes depend on console region and game title)
  • Pre-programmed remote control is included (Not Pictured)
  • This device is powered by GC Video-DVI with firmware level 3.1d which was designed by Ingo Korb and is used with permission under an open source copyright


24 Reviews

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    Carby Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Christopher Pekrul on May 22nd 2024

    Everything is premium, down to the packaging. Makes my GameCube games look better than ever and the optional support is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

  • 5
    Phenomenal Product

    Posted by Nikita on Dec 25th 2023

    Adds amazingly clean and sharp 480p output from the Gamecube, can’t wait to get my Tink4k and pair this with it. I’ve also read that Carby is the best build quality when it comes to these GCVideo hdmi devices. Highly recommended!

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    Great HDMI solution for Nintendo Gamecube!

    Posted by Jose Concepcion on Nov 25th 2023

    I bought this as soon as it became available again. It works flawlessly, I even bought the brace for this device. Combined with the mClassic, you`re getting your money`s worth!

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    Easy Plug and Play Option for High Quality Video Output

    Posted by Brad Schneider on Jun 27th 2023

    The Carby by Insurrection Industries is an amazing device in such a small footprint. Comes with a handy remote to control the bevy of video output settings. Easy to setup and control with its intuitive on-screen display. If you want a simple solution and be able to upscale and effectively play your Gamecube on a High Definition screen, this is it. On a related note, I recommend getting the support brace made by Retro Frog to go along with it. It properly eliminates the stress and sag of an HDMI cable when plugged into the Carby and will greatly mitigate wear and tear on the back port.

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    Best Value

    Posted by John on Jun 2nd 2023

    This adapter will give you all you need, with most features that the more expensive option has. The quality is great. It also comes with a remote that works nicely for changing the settings. Would probably recommend this one over any other

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    Perfect for what I needed

    Posted by Rolando G on May 7th 2023

    I haven`t been in the insides of the settings, but just the AV to HDMI is worth the price.

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    Easy Digital Out from GameCube

    Posted by Shawn on Mar 7th 2022

    This product is great because it gives you 480p, true digital audio and video output from the GameCube. The 480p resolution means the image may be softened by your HD TV. Also, some games cannot output 480p natively and will not look as good as possible without using a force 480p hack. Overall, this is a cheaper and easier alternative to installing an HDMI mod in your GameCube.

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    Invaluable upgrade especially for Game Boy Player use

    Posted by Ken F on Dec 27th 2021

    Coming from previously using the RetroTINK-2x with my GameCube, the Carby provides crystal-clear picture with nearly the same responsiveness. I attempted to perform some test recordings but my observations were likely limited by the capture rate of my webcam; there was at most one frame of difference (at 60fps), if any, between the RetroTINK and the Carby. The included remote and menu functionality is icing on the cake; I especially appreciate the built-in volume control, since some GBA games can get ridiculously loud.

    This isn't meant to throw shade at the RetroTINK-2x at all; I still use that with my NES/SNES/N64 and it's an amazingly versatile low-cost option, but especially GBA games on the GameCube heavily benefit from the sharper picture via the Carby via the GameCube's digital output, so this is a worthwhile investment if you're a heavy GameCube / Game Boy Player user.

  • 5

    Posted by Jim Ahern on Nov 29th 2021

    Solid little device that allows your old Game Cube,(Digital/Component connection model only), to connect to modern TV's via HDMI connection. In turn it allows you to run the games in (Progressive Scan Mode) accordingly. It's a nice little bump in visual quality for us Retro Gamers ;) Can't beat the price either for a quick and easy all in one solution vs. the alternatives on the market. Highly recommended!