GC Video Support Brace for Carby, Prism, GCHD MKII, Component Cables - Retro Frog

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GC Video Support Brace for Carby, Prism, GCHD MKII, Component Cables - Retro Frog

Have you noticed that the popular GC Video HDMI dongles for the Gamecube sag when a heavy HDMI cable is plugged into it? This simple brace latches onto the Gamecube vents below the Digital Video port and support the dongle from sagging. It keeps sticking out horizontally from the rear of the console.

There are 3 versions:

Carby - works with the Insurrection Industries Carby HDMI dongle, their Component video cable, as well as the original GameCube component cable (OEM)

Prism - works with the Retrobit Prism HDMI dongle and the Prism Component cables.

GCHD mkII - works with the Eon GCHD mkII.


Remove your Carby or Prism and this brace fit into the vents and rotates into place. Please see pictures.

10 Reviews

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    Helps A Lot With Finnicky Signals

    Posted by Thomas O'Neill on Jul 6th 2024

    My consoles port is a little touchy, sometimes when I moved the controller around the signal would go blank. This really helped with this issue.

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    GC Video Support Brace

    Posted by Steven P. on Jun 7th 2024

    I purchased a GCHD MK-II and this supports it perfectly and the HDMI adapter does not come loose. It snaps into place on the back ventilation slots to keep it secured.

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    GCHD MK-II HDMI Adapter Support.

    Posted by Rosco Bosco on Jun 6th 2024

    I`m using the GCHD MK-II Model. Great Product. Supports the HDMI adapter so it does not come loose. It snaps into place on the back ventilation slots to keep it firmly in place. Highly Recommended.

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    Fits like a glove!

    Posted by Reviewer on Mar 12th 2024

    While the design is simple it does the job of supporting without adding unnecessary bulk. While they all look the same, make sure you get the model for your particular device. I wish this came in different colors, but don`t be fooled by others you see online. Get this! You don`t need anything fancy such as side support. The support brackets with side support will block access to the analog out port.

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    GCHD MkII Support Bracket

    Posted by Martin Schiano on Mar 1st 2024

    Outstanding fit and performance! Easy install and worry-free application with minimal impact to airflow.

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    Fits well, unobtrusive and secure.

    Posted by Brendan on Feb 14th 2024

    First off, shipping was fast and item was packaged securely. Product fits snuggly to the GameCube without blocking the vents. I like that it doesn`t stick out far and can be disassembled if necessary. Worth the purchase!

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    Terrific Support Brace!

    Posted by Daniel Lynds on Jul 31st 2023

    I recently picked up a retro-bit Prism adapter for my GameCube and heard a suggestion in a Prism YouTube review to purchase a support brace from Stone Age Gamer. Well, I took that advice and did so. I could not be more pleased with the quality of construction and how perfectly the support brace fits into the vent slots directly below the digital output port of my GameCube. My Prism adapter rests atop the support precisely, without nary an air gap in between. The brace provides terrific support for the Prism and will protect both the Prism and my precious GameCube from the force of gravity that would otherwise only deform the digital port and the adapter connector over time. Likewise, the brace will help mitigate damage from other downward forces that would otherwise instantly damage either the Prism, or the GameCube, or both. Highly recommend!!

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    Carby Support Bracket

    Posted by 10/10 on May 30th 2023

    10/10, great quality. Solid 3d printing quality and fast shipping

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    Well worth the money for Carby owners

    Posted by Richard Johnson on Apr 22nd 2023

    An invaluable piece of plastic if you own a Carby. I was constantly having to fiddle with my mine in order to get any display from it given how much slop there is in the connection, but now it just works every time without fail.