40mm Fan Adapter Plate and Fan Cable for GameCube - Retro Frog

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40mm Fan Adapter Plate and Fan Cable for GameCube - Retro Frog

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE Gamecube Noctua fan mod? Well, you came to the right place. I designed this fan adapter plate for the Gamecube to allow you to use a 40mm fan instead of the loud and proprietary original fan. The Ideal fan is a Noctua 40mm (not included).

Kit Includes:

  • 40mm fan adapter plate (Black)
  • 3pin fan to 2 pin Gamecube fan adapter cable

Note: Fan is NOT included. You will need to provide the fan yourself. Fan should be 40mm x 10mm thick and 12v.

Install Instructions:

Remove the 4 Gamebit screws (4.5mm) from the bottom of the Gamecube. Lift the top of the Cube off and place to the side. The stock fan can be removed by removing it's 4 screws and unplugging it's cable. Set the screws aside as you will need those later. 

Take the 40mm fan plate and attach a 40mm x10 thick fan to the rear of it in between the standoffs. Use the screws supplied with the fan to attach it to the plate. I would position the fan in a way where as the fan cable is on the top side. 

Place the plate in the Gamecube fan opening and secure it using the 4 original screws that you removed from original fan. Route the fan cable up and through the slot in the top of the fan shroud. Use the supplied fan adapter to plug into the new fan's 3 pin connector and then plug it back into the Gamecube power board. Reassemble the Cube and you are done. 

6 Reviews

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    Great product

    Posted by Louis Zezeran on Feb 18th 2024

    Product is high quality and was delivered very quickly. To me it’s worth to buy from a seller in the community and not something from china

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    Fan mount

    Posted by Robert S on Nov 26th 2023

    This adapter provided all of the necessary screws, cables and adapters to allow the use of the cited noctua fan in a gamecube. These high quality parts allowed me to perform this wholy unnecessary modification,

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    Be careful which fan you order to use with this thing.

    Posted by Alexander Rosa on Oct 24th 2023

    I had to make two returns and three purchases to get the right fitting fan. I didn`t read the description so it was my own fault, so definitely get 40 x 10mm 12v version of the fan. Do not buy the 5volt version, it`s way too loud, more than the stock fan.

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    Does what it needs to do and does it extrodinarily well!

    Posted by Jonathan Gregory on May 16th 2023

    The subject of my review might seem like an exaggeration, but really isn`t. I`ve bought fan adapters like this for other systems in the past and they usually had some sort of catch to them. Usually either being made so thin that they break easily or have some sort of fitment issue that requires some extra work to fix. This adapter does not have that problem! It is very sturdy, well made, and doesn`t require any extra work to use it for what it is made for. Plus, instead of replacing the entire fan assembly like some adapters do, it simply screws onto any 40mm fan and turns it into a drop in replacement. Can`t say much about the cable though other than it is just as well made and does the job nicely.

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    Fan adapter plate

    Posted by Alex on Mar 12th 2023

    Works as it should.

  • 5
    Simple, Works Great!

    Posted by Sal on Mar 3rd 2023

    Very easy to install, clear instructions and works great! And my GC fan is noticeably quieter now.