70mm Nexus Fan Adapter and Mount for Xbox - Retro Frog

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70mm Nexus Fan Adapter and Mount for Xbox - Retro Frog

The Nexus 70mm fan seems to be a pretty common cooling upgrade for the original Xbox. The stock fan on the original Xbox is a proprietary 72-ish mm job that has a specific shape and has these tabs that secure it into the back of the console. However there is no normal way to mount a replacement fan back there.

I designed this adapter to mount the Nexus 70mm to it and then it slides into the notches on the back of the case to secure the fan. The fan will still be secured by the two standing tabs in the bottom of the console, however this bracket keeps the fan tight against the back of the case and stops it from moving around.

Be careful when inserting it as you can still break them if you just force it it. With a little care, it will hold up to multiple insertions and removals. Just don't gorilla force it.

Two Colors to choose from:

Classic Black
Bright Green

Kit Includes:

  • 70mm Nexus fan adapter plate with 4 fan screws - Fan not included.

Note: You will still need to remove the two rear mounting ears on the Nexus fan to clear the plastic hard drive tray/duct in the Xbox. This bracket just gives you a way to properly secure the fan. The bracket mounts to the fan with standard fan screws.

6 Reviews

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    No issues!

    Posted by Kayte on Jan 8th 2024

    Very good quality, I had no problems putting this in my original Xbox. I only wish I had gotten the other color, instead of green. because the fan I ended up getting is brown and so the colors look weird together, but obviously once you put your Xbox back together you won`t even see it anyways! changing the fan got rid of the extremely loud buzzing noise that was coming from it, it was actually just rattling and so this adapter takes away that rattle noise.

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    Would Be A Solid 5 BUT......

    Posted by Would Be A Solid 5 BUT...... on Oct 28th 2023

    So this product shipped and received quickly, it arrived as imaged and described and served it`s basic overall function and worked great, HOWEVER if you look at your Xbox on the bottom or when you remove the original fan you`ll notice two rectangle size holes, and when you replace it there will be two empty slots, and if were spending money and investing in something we like I believe the attention to detail on those small things should be resolved, and to resolve this the design should either make it a two part design one for the fan and the other for the feet holes, or extend the one piece down and spread out along the bottom to feel the empty space.

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    A great drop in replacement!

    Posted by Wallguy on Sep 14th 2023

    Sturdy and easy to install. Drops right in and allows you to use modern 70mm fans. The Nexus fan I used worked great, though I did have to shave one corner off the fan to make it fit underneath the hard drive bay. It would be a bonus if this product was optionally sold with a properly trimmed Nexus fan, and one that also had a shorter modified power cable. That would make it a 6 star review lol. Finally, I must say that I love the bright green color which just seemed apt for the OG Xbox. I had to go the green route with this and the GPU fan part and I`m quite happy with the result.

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    A Must buy for replacing the Original Xbox Fan

    Posted by Patrick on Aug 8th 2023

    This 70mm nexus fan by retro frog is a must get if you are replacing the original xbox exhaust fan with the 70mm nexus fan. Granted I had to do some modifications, this allowed the fan to fit snugly in the system.

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    Does exactly what it says

    Posted by Mac on Jun 22nd 2023

    This is a 3D printed bracket that adapts a 70mm fan to better fix in your original xbox. The one I bought fit and does exactly as it`s supposed to. What more is there to say?

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    Original Xbox 70MM fan adapter

    Posted by Dakota on Nov 16th 2022

    I highly recommend this fan adapter its a perfect fit. Its as easy as screwing in four screws and dropping it in.