40mm GPU Fan Adapter for Xbox (Ver 1.0) - Retro Frog

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40mm GPU Fan Adapter for Xbox (Ver 1.0) - Retro Frog

If you have a 1.0 version Xbox and want to replace it's GPU fan with a Noctua, these is what you want. I designed this GPU fan adapter plate for the original Xbox to allow you to use a 40mm fan instead of the loud and proprietary original fan. This will only work on the 1.0 version of the original XBox. If your Xbox is a later model and has the larger GPU heatsink without fan, you can't use this (nor do you need it). 

Two Colors to choose from:

Classic Black
Bright Green

Kit Includes:

  • 40mm fan adapter plate


Note: Fan is NOT included. You will need to provide the fan yourself. Fan should be 40mm x 10mm thick and 12v.

Install Instructions:

Flip the Xbox over and remove the 6 Torx T20 screws from the bottom. Lift the top over the console. Unplug the hard drive IDE and power. Remove the 2 screws in between the DVD drive and hard drive tray with a Torx T9. Lift the hard drive plastic tray out. On the far left side remove another Torx T9 screw to the left of the DVD drive. Lift it out and unplug the IDE and power cables from the motherboard. Set the DVD drive aside.

The GPU fan is on the small heatsink to the left of the large CPU heatsink. Remove the 4 screws holding it down and unplug the cable from the motherboard header. Toss the fan in the trashcan but keep the 4 screws as we will reuse those. 

Mount a 40mm x10mm thick fan to the bottom of the fan plate. There is a cut out in the plate to provide enough clearance for fan. Use the new fan's supplied fan screws to mount it. Place the plate with fan over the GPU heatsink and it should sit down inside it and the 4 posts will rest overtop the heatsink fins. Use the original 4 screws to secure it down to the heatsink. Plug the fans 3 pin cable into the motherboard header. Reassemble your Xbox and you are done. 

3 Reviews

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    Great Product

    Posted by Wes on Sep 15th 2023

    Easy, simple product that does what it says it does. Good price and fast shipping. Helped get my xbox 1.0 nice and quiet now.

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    A must for Xbox v1.0!

    Posted by Wallguy on Sep 14th 2023

    A sturdy, well fitting and easy to install upgrade for early Xboxes that had the extra cooling fan. This helpful part from RetroFrog allows you to install a standard 40mm fan in place of the proprietary fan that was originally present. The result is a much quieter, more reliable cooling system. I combined this with a Noctua 40mm fan and it made a big difference. In concert with the RetroFrog main (rear) fanmount, a Nexus 70mm fan, and an SSD, this OG Xbox went from boisterous diesel engine to whisper quiet sound levels. I couldn`t be happier.

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    Excellent for 1.0 Xboxes

    Posted by Kat C on Oct 28th 2022

    The 1.0 Original Xbox is the only revision to feature a GPU fan, and boy howdy is that sucker loud these days. While you can sometimes cut the noise by cleaning it, the truth is it’s always going to be loud until you replace it. By adding a Noctua fan, my Xbox went from “quite loud” to “whisper quiet.”

    Noctua fans are almost a meme in retro gaming these days, but they are a game changer for me, as I’m more sensitive to fan noise now than I was over 2 decades ago. If you have a 1.0 Xbox and want to make it significantly quieter, pair this with a Noctua Mount for your case fan, and enjoy.