TerraOnion MODE Mounting Bracket

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TerraOnion MODE Mounting Bracket

The default color for these brackets is black.  We may be able to make them in white by request, however this may add additional time.  E-mail [email protected] to request it, or leave a comment on your order requesting it. 

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This is a 3D printed mounting bracket for your TerraOnion MODE. This allows for an easier-to-install experience and more stable mount.


If you are using your mount on a Dreamcast you want to select the Dreamcast (VA0 / VA1) mount. This will work on both VA0 and VA1 Dreamcast systems. The only other version of the Dreamcast was the VA2, which the MODE is not compatible with.


If you will be using this in a Saturn it is important you select the correct Type. Unfortunately there is no guaranteed way by looking at the outside of the system to know which Type to choose. This will require you to open your Saturn to determine which Type you need by unscrewing the Saturn and opening it up. Below are some pictures to help determine which Type you need.  Generally, the Model 1 Saturn Console that has an oval power button, will also have a flimsy metal shielding, and will work with the Type A bracket, and the Model 2 console with a round power button will have a hard metal shielding and will work with the Type B bracket.  However, this may not always be the case, so please check the components inside to be sure.  







11 Reviews

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    Works good slight alignment issues

    Posted by Todd Rodgers on Dec 12th 2023

    Overall this was a great addition to secure the mod board to the system. The only issue I ran into was the screw holes on the board didn`t line up with the 3d printed bracket screw posts. I easily just used the screw hole on the side and in the middle back along with the two in the front. Honestly it wasn`t a big deal on my VA1 DC. I would still recommend this.

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    Not as nice as I was expecting.

    Posted by Lee Hathcock on Jan 6th 2023

    I honestly hate to be negative in a review, I`ve had nothing but success from SAG, but this one is a miss for me.

    I didn`t much care for TerraOnion`s mounting solution - sticky feet that required trimming and so forth - so I figured this mount would be a much better solution. And it would be, if the screw hole alignment were better. Getting it mounted in my VA0 Dreamcast felt like I had to shimmy it just right, but it`s more how poorly the screws align with the four mount points in the directions that disappointed me. There`s no way to get all four in without putting undue pressure on the MODE board. I ended up using the two front screws (one of which was still quite tight) and one toward the middle close to the push buttons. It works, but I`m disappointed that it really isn`t much of an improvement over the sticky feet. I don`t know if TerraOnion has slightly modified the layout of the board to cause this, and perhaps that is the issue, but if so, this product needs to be modified to account for that.

  • 5
    Works good

    Posted by Anthony on Apr 23rd 2022

    Its works so great that it makes you wonder why they it wasn't included with the mode in the first place.

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    Way Better Than Tape And Feet

    Posted by Jason S on Jan 17th 2022

    So much cleaner and professional looking. The tape included with the mode is the type which will eventually be pain to remove. This is small gripe from someone who spent 15 years scrapping the same tape off of an electronics stores displays. The mount is just a nice punction on a good build of your Saturn.

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    MODE Mounting Bracket

    Posted by L.L. on Dec 27th 2021

    This mounting bracket is a must-have if you're looking for a clean, stable installation for your MODE. The bracket prevents the board from bending and wobbling during installation, and keeps the board stable when accessing the media ports. I would not want a MODE without one of these... Thanks SAG!

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    One of the screw holes is misaligned.

    Posted by Cory on Dec 17th 2021

    The print is good, but the top left screw hole doesn't line up for me in my VA0 Dreamcast. The brace still provides a very sturdy fit even when only using the bottom 2 screws, though.

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    A Must-Have for MODE Saturn Installs

    Posted by Kari Wooten on Dec 10th 2021

    If you're installing a Terraonion MODE in a Sega Saturn, this installation bracket is an absolute necessity. The flimsy stick-on mounts that come with the MODE are a joke - throw them in the trash! This bracket fits perfectly and makes it possible to easily remove the MODE at a later date if you want to do some more modding, such as a FRAM upgrade or soldering in any of the bonus upgrades the MODE offers. I also have peace of mind knowing that my MODE will stay secure in my Saturn even when I take it to a friend's house for some early-to-mid 90's gaming goodness. No gripes here.

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    Terraonion Mode Mounting Bracket for Dreamcast

    Posted by Joseph Garcia on Nov 21st 2021

    Wonderful product. Keeps my Mode sung without any worries of it sliding out. Couldn't have asked for for a better item. Would definitely recommend.

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    MODE Mounting Bracket is great!

    Posted by Brian Coelho on Sep 27th 2021

    Really happy with this purchase. I purchased one for my Saturn, and one for my Dreamcast, and they have performed admirably. Great option especially if you're using a hard drive, and don't want to deal with the flimsy supports that come with the MODE. INow, removing the hard drives for updating, is much easier. nstructions and installation were a breeze.