Re-PS2 PSU - Power Supply Replacement for PlayStation 2

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Re-PS2 PSU - Power Supply Replacement for PlayStation 2


REXUS NEXUS designed the RePS2 PSU, a 12v power supply that works with all PS2 FAT consoles.

Works with all versions (PAL, NTSC-US, NTSC-J).

A 12v AC/DC adapter with 5.5×2.1mm barrel size positive center tip is required and available as an option.

No soldering required - Plug and Play! 

Installation guide:

Please Note: The default option includes the high quality MeanWell Power adapter with the RePS2 unit.  This power adapter is highly recommended by the manufacturer who warns against using cheap Power Adapters with these units.  If you want to save money and use the same MeanWell adapter on all your rePSU units (ReDream, ReSaturn, RePSX, and ReN64), they are all compatible with the same power adapter.  


FAQ & Troubleshooting


  • Does this power supply work with the Retro Gem?  Yes, if you have a model that does not work with the stock PSU, this power adapter should do the trick for you!
  • Will a Japanese console work in the US or in PAL territories and viceversa? Yes, the RePS2 adapter works for all FAT revisions from all regions.
  • Is this compatible with HDDs and softmods such as FreeMcBoot? Yes.
  • Will this solve my console not reading discs? Nope, chances are that the laser need replacement/cleaning.
  • I have installed the RePS2, I get the red standby LED but the console does not power up. Your 12v AC adapter is not able to deliver the Amps needed for the console to start up. Avoid cheap low-quality adapters.
  • My console switches on but I now get noise on the screen. Use a good quality AC adapter (such as the one we offer as an option) and/or make sure your AV cable is decent (shielded if possible).
  • What happens if I use a super cheap 12v adapter or if the adapter has less than 5A? Chances are you’ll get noise and/or that your console won’t start. The AC adapter transforms AC 220v or 110/115v to DC 12v, whereas the RePS2 filters the 12v into the PS2 PCB. This makes the AC adapter an essential part of the circuit.


3 Reviews

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    works perfectly

    Posted by TW on Jun 20th 2024

    super easy to install, no fuss. Works as advertised. Been converting all my old consoles to 12v to reduce the heat build up inside. Just make sure you have a quality 12v power supply and you are in business.

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    Nice replacement. Came in just in time.

    Posted by NotStop on Mar 7th 2024

    Easy replacement for my dead PSU in my FatPS2. No soldering required, just a bit of patience and careful disassembly and it was perfect replacement. Despite there being thousands of PS2s sold I wasn`t a fan of adding one more to the landfill so if you`re thinking of getting another and the only issue is a failed PSU you might want to try this out. Also, it runs much cooler and the console is measurably lighter thanks to the removal of the absolutely antique PSU that was in it.

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    RePS2 should be on your to do list.

    Posted by Derek on Nov 19th 2023

    This is an excellent replacement for the troublesome power supply that plagues the PS2. The system runs cooler (obviously) and has one capacitor that is easily replaceable should you have to in the far distant future. It is an easy install, just be mindful of the ribbon connectors of the system.