Jag BT Bluetooth Controller Adapter for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka

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Jag BT Bluetooth Controller Adapter for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka

The Jag BT is a bluetooth controller adapter for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to connect bluetooth controllers like the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, or even Nintendo Switch controllers.

The Jag BT runs on the BlueRetro platform by Jacques GagnonA portion of each sale is donated to Jacques to further support the platform.



  • New version has a streamlined design
  • Use various bluetooth controllers with your Atari Jaguar
  • Low latency (varies based on controller being used)
  • Remappable buttons with save functionality
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Open source and user updatable
  • Plug & Play

Adapter Documentation


  • PS4/PS5: ~5.4 ms
  • XBOX One: ~8.8 ms
  • Switch Pro: ~12.4 ms
  • PS3: ~12.8
  • WiiU Pro: ~13.2 ms
  • 8bitdo: ~16.2 ms
  • Wiimote: ~16.3 ms


2 Reviews

  • 2

    Posted by Brian on Oct 24th 2023

    No problem syncing my PS4 controller, however once connected the buttons are unresponsive and inconsistent or it seems to get phantom signals. E.g. trying to play NBA Jam `turbo` would randomly turn off while holding the button down, and player would suddenly block or shoot when no button was pushed, or respond to the wrong button.

  • 4
    Flexible Reliable Wireless Option

    Posted by Cubeboy on Apr 8th 2023

    This is the perfect wireless option for the Atari Jaguar. Primarily using a WiiU Pro, and don`t notice any lag. Highly customizable. This is even able to emulate a Team/Multi Tap perfectly, even though only a few games support it.

    My reasons it didn`t get 5 stars is because the sync time is very short. You have to be quick to be ready to sync a new controller. Also, in order to sync a new controller, it first resets the settings you configured (if you save it as a team tap, it will reset it back to one controller). It would be nice if they switched things so a short press would initiate a new sync, and it lasted at least 30 seconds, with a long press being what disconnects all devices