Jag2SNES AV Adapter for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka

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Jag2SNES AV Adapter for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka

Jag2SNES Atari Jaguar 2 SNES Audio Video Adapter - Humble Bazooka

Humble Bazooka's Jag2SNES allows you to use Super Nintendo AV cables with your Atari Jaguar. This provides a more common and readily available solution for connecting your Atari Jaguar to a CRT or HDTV*. The Jag2SNES works great with HD Retrovision cables and upscalers like the RetroTINK 5x and OSSC. The Jag2SNES helps you get the best picture quality from your Atari Jaguar.


  • Two color shell design
  • Shell designed to securely connect to the AV port of the Atari Jaguar like OEM cables.
  • Supports Super Nintendo AV cables including Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART, and HD Retrovision Component cables (recommended).
  • Allows you to use an OSSC or RetroTINK to upscale for better video quality.
  • Properly attenuated CSYNC.
  • Output voltage is regulated to 5v for RGB televisions and upscalers like the OSSC
  • Doesn't obstruct the DSP Port of the Atari Jaguar allowing you to use a JagNet.

*Some modern HDTVs aren't able to display the native resolution of the Atari Jaguar (240p). This is not a limitation of the Jag2SNES but rather your TV. To use your Atari Jaguar on a TV that does not support 240p signal, we recommend using a scan converter / upscaler like an OSSC.


23 Reviews

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    Posted by Wbrown on Jan 8th 2024

    Product worked very well with my SCART cables.

  • 4

    Posted by shane on Dec 26th 2021

    Easy way to get ubiquitous, cheap composite. Back when I first got my Jaguar, I decided to make my own AV composite cables, and they work great. Fast forward to Nov, 21, and i see these on sale cheap enough to pick them up and give them a try. Hell, why not? They work as expected with the ease and availability of a snes composite cable, and look good to boot. I use my self made cable on my beater Jaguar, and this one on my primary. I cant imagine the jaguar having a much batter picture. Still a bit expensive when compared to the DIY solution, but worth it for the ease and availability of the application. Overall worth buying.

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    All the video options you need

    Posted by Henry R on Dec 17th 2021

    This is a great minimal adapter which lets you use composite, s video and RGB cables. Works with hd retrovision component cables as well. Don't think I've seen the jag look this clear before (even if the encoder chip on my unit is slightly problematic).

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    Great adaptor

    Posted by Greg on Sep 17th 2021

    First, I will talk about its looks. If I wasn't an avid 3d printer person, I might never have realized this was a custom printed device. As for functionality this unit provides everything I need and looks good, I have tested Composite, and S-Video. I suspect it supports SCART and the RetroBit cables as well however I have not tested this.

  • 5

    Posted by Nick Luna on Aug 25th 2021

    Great product, my Jaguar games never have looked so good.

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew on Jul 31st 2021

    Great use for any extra snes or N64 cables you may have. Picture is great and setup is plug and play. Highly recommend!

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    The Jaguar has never looked better!

    Posted by David Rose on Jul 12th 2021

    While the Jaguar typically has proprietary video cables it uses, this nifty adapter allows you to use any existing SNES video cables with your Jaguar system and, when combined with the SNES HD Retrovision component cables, makes for the best way to visually experience your Jaguar yet! This is a must-own if you're looking for optimal Jaguar video output!

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    Jag to SNES

    Posted by Joey Macri on Jun 24th 2021

    I have a S-video modded Jaguar & the picture quality is awsome on a my Trinitron crt...I purchased this because my capture device only wants component or HDMI cables...this allows me to use SNES HDMI adapters to record...but for my personal quality test I used the svideo mod vs the Jag to SNES with a SNES svideo cable on the Trinitron and got an identical picture quality...hope this helps

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    Jag2snes rocks!

    Posted by Christopher Westerman on Jun 24th 2021

    Great build quality! Fast shipping! Much better picture quality than regular composite cables.