Insurrection Industries Sega Genesis Model 1 STEREO RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync)

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Insurrection Industries Sega Genesis Model 1 STEREO RGB SCART Cable (w/ csync)

Get the best quality from your Console with RGB SCART cables.  These cables support C-sync and are compatible with the Model 1 Sega Genesis.  



  • Stereo audio integration using a connection to the front headphone jack, mono audio from the Din connector is NOT supported with this cable
  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Independently shielded stereo audio to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded RGB video to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded sync signal to reduce interference and video noise
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for all color, sync and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • All cables use very high quality Nichicon UHV capacitors where needed
  • Every cable is designed with industry standard impendence and signal level characteristics for maximal compatibility and performance
  • Compatible with the Sega Genesis Model 1
  • Wired for dedicated Csync signal by default

2 Reviews

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    Insurrection Industries Genesis Model 1 cable

    Posted by Luis Cortazar on Feb 11th 2022

    When the cable arrived the port was sunken in. I had to adjust it to actually fit in my Scart adapter. But after that it was a dream. The image looks incredible and the Stereo jack cable allows for Stero Sound. It even works with my Sega CD, and cuts down on my cables. I highly recommend this cable.

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    Pristine Picture

    Posted by Roy Rodriguez on Feb 10th 2022

    I've used several SCART cables for vintage systems and this one earns pretty high praise in terms of top quality for manufacturing and its function. My Sega Genesis picture looks excellent paired with my Retrotink 5x so I give my utmost recommendation for these cables. You won't regret it.