HyperFlash32 E-Ink 32Mbit Flash Cart for Virtual Boy

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HyperFlash32 E-Ink 32Mbit Flash Cart for Virtual Boy

HyperFlash32 eInk Flash Cart for Virtual Boy 

HyperFlash32 is a single ROM Virtual Boy flash cart with 32 Mbit of built in flash memory along with an 8k x 8 nvSRAM that doesn’t require a backup battery. It can be reflashed from ROMs available on the microSD card without a computer connected. As such, it crosses the boundary somewhat between a single ROM cart and a multi-ROM cart. Although only one game is loaded at a time, it takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds to load a new one. The digital labels and loading bar icons are user customizable. SRAM contents with save data are saved off to the microSD card and reloaded as ROMs are swapped out. You can even access your SRAM files to transfer to another HF32, or even to original VB game cartridges. HF32 has built-in capacitive touch buttons on the back to provide a fully self-contained user interface that doesn’t require a computer or GUI. It even has a haptic module to improve feedback on the rear capactivie touch buttons.



  • 32 Mbit Flash memory
  • 8k x 8 or 32k x 8 nvSRAM (depending on part availability)
  • Auto backup of SRAM save files (only games that support save)
  • microSD Card slot for holding game files, labels, icons, and save status
  • e-Ink digital label that is user customizable per game
  • Per game user customizable icons for programming bar
  • Capacitive touch buttons on the back for on-screen control
  • USB dev port with command line interface
  • Haptics triggered by cap. touch input
  • User firmware updates are possible using HyperFlasher GUI
  • Aluminum cover color options
  • Frame color options
  • eInk display color options


You can also watch one of the first reviews of HyperFlash32 posted by RetroRGB.


NOTE: We recommend using Kingston branded micro SD cards.  There are known issues with Samsung EVO, Transcend, and some PNY microSD cards.  Requires FAT32 formatting.



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