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Virtual War Zone - Virtual Boy Homebrew - RetroOynx

Virtual War Zone for Nintendo Virtual Boy 

Virtual WarZone complete in box (CIB) set.  This is a new game development funded by RetroOnyx and developed by the VUEngine team.  CIB version includes a Virtual Boy physical cartridge, label, dust cover, protective sleeve and box set with manual.  A digital copy of the game for HF32 and HyperBoy flash carts will also be provided with CIB purchases.  


Pilot a Next Generation Tank with 3-D HUD!

You are a tank commander remote piloting a future generation tank in the year 2179.  Unknown enemy forces have attacked and turned your country into a WarZone! Using a red laser based heads-up display (HUD), your tank gives you see-through armor capabilities, while allowing you to pilot from a remote fortified location. Your objective is to stay alive and hunt down enemy AI powered sentry towers, tanks, and helicopters.


You navigate your tank using your onboard radar and compass. Two primary weapons are at your fingertips: a machine gun and a BFG. Use your machine gun wisely or it overheats. Your BFG packs a bigger punch but takes time to reload. Aim carefully and always be on the lookout for enemies that are constantly hunting you!

Good luck commander.


Game Feature Overview:

●    Fight for high score and to unlock enemy stats in the gallery

●    Latest generation VUEngine graphics and optimizations

●    Switchable control modes and adjustable 3-D depth

●    Battery backed SRAM to save high scores and gallery unlocks

●    RetroOnyx rumble pack compatible

●    RetroOnyx link cable compatible - for 2 Player Action!


  • VUEngine Patreon

    You can support the VUEngine team via their Patreon.

  • HF32 BWR Label

    Here's a BWR label for HF32 owners.

  • HF32 BW Label

    Here's a BW label for HF32 owners.

  • VB Rumble link

    Here's the VB rumble pack for adding haptics to this game.

  • VB link cable

    Here's the VB link cable for 2 player mode.

  • Virtual WarZone Wallpaper

    Here's a Virtual WarZone wallpaper!

  • Converted HF32 Labels

    Here are the preconverted Virtual WarZone labels for anyone having issues converting the label images listed above.