Nintendo Virtual Boy Console - Upgraded with Virtual Ribbon

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Nintendo Virtual Boy Console - Upgraded with Virtual Ribbon
    This Virtual Boy has been upgraded with a Virtual Ribbon kit which fixes a major failure point of the Virtual Boy System, the original ribbon cable.  The original cables are flimsy and glued into place, over time they fail due to the poor connection, and you get lines in the screen.  The Virtual Ribbon future proofs the system by replacing the adapter board that solders into place, it is very sturdy.  Both pcb's are replaced, so you're getting new pcbs, ribbon cables, and connectors that should last a lifetime!  This console can be purchased separately if you just need a replacement, or you can add any of the accessories you may need such as a controller, battery pack, eyeshade / holder, and a stand.  

All Accessories available separately


Optional Accessories Include:

  • Original Virtual Boy Controller
  • Controller Power Pack
  • Compatible AC Adapter (OEM)
  • OEM AA Battery Pack
  • Original Stand
  • Brand New Eyeshade Holder
  • Brand New Eyeshade 


Please Note: Used items are under warranty for 90 days.  If repair service is needed past 90 days please email [email protected].  Pictures are examples of a similar system and not the actual item you will receive.  Systems are in good condition and similar to what is pictured.  If you want to see pictures of the unit you will receive please request it via email to: [email protected].  

4 Reviews

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    Fantastic Item and Service. Been wanting one of these for 25+ years.

    Posted by Stephen DeBenedetto on Feb 12th 2023

    I rented a Virtual Boy in 1995 from Blockbuster. At the time, I loved playing with it, but the value of the system with lackluster games wasn`t enough for me to spend my allowance money.

    I sat on the sidelines for 25+ years waiting to buy one. Since then, homebrew and Flashcarts for VB became a thing. Unfortunately these systems were never overly popular and a bit rare. Prices continued to climb for buying one second hand.

    Another problem is Nintendo made the terrible decision to glue on the ribbon cables vs soldering them. Nearly every VB ever made needs to be fixed. There are 2 ways to fix them, reflow solder after cleaning off the glue or replace the ribbon entirely. The OG ribbon cables are 25 years old and getting brittle so just reflowing solder is likely only a short term fix.

    For this item, SAG is selling a refurbished VB with the replaced ribbon. Mine works flawlessly. You do need to separately purchase a controller, power supply, eye shade, and eyeshade holder so it can get expensive.

    SAG shipped quickly and has an excellent guarantee on these.

    I`m very happy with my purchase.

    SAG also has a modding/repair service that I`d highly if you`re able to score a broken system elsewhere.

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    The way to go if you want a Virtual Boy

    Posted by Shaky on Jan 27th 2023

    Really happy with the Virtual Boy I received. Everything was packed extremely well and arrived from overseas safely. I purchased all the extra options, except the AC adapter, and was happy to find that everything was cleaned and in good condition. Buying from Stone Age Gamer is the way to go if you want a non-hassle experience with buying a Virtual Boy.

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    Stress Free Virtual Boy!

    Posted by Shawn on Jan 5th 2023

    Stress free way to get a guaranteed working Virtual Boy. The VB and accessories I received were very clean and work perfectly. The Virtual Ribbon will ensure a long life and is a better option than getting a VB with soldered in place OEM ribbons.

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    Amazing Modification Job and Console

    Posted by AtariJagster on Apr 2nd 2022

    The picture in Games look and run perfect and the consul is in amazing shape. Super happy with my purchase and playing games on this awesome modification! Going to be sending another in to be fixed!