GN6 USB Controller - Hyperkin

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GN6 USB Controller - Hyperkin
Always dreamt of using your Genesis controller with your favorite PC game? Now you can! This USB controller adapter plugs into any PC or Mac with a USB port, giving you that classic Genesis feel. Whether you're enjoying a Sonic the Hedgehog emulator or racking up frags on the hottest PC multi-player, now you can go old school with every weapon in your arsernal!
Product Features:
  • Play on any PC or Mac with USB port.
  • All buttons can be configured.
  • Re-live the calssic Genesis experience on today's games!

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    Review from Brian Cooper

    Posted by Brian Cooper on May 23rd 2015

    I do have a genuine Sega Genesis 6-Button MK-1653 gamepad and the feel is the same of this Hyperkin Genesis GN6 gamepad with only one difference being the conductive silicone rubber use inside is stiffer than the MK-1653. I wanted this GN6 gamepad to use on my PlayStation 3 to play the PSN Sonic games and a like and found it to work as if it made to. FYI on the button inputs are: A = square, B = triangle, C = cross, X = circle, Y = L1, Z = R1 the mode button on the Hyperkin GN6 is the select button for the PlayStation 3 and d-pad start button did as they are. I did find it took some pressure to work the buttons and that they were not as responsive as I would like them to be so I disassembled it and found an oily residue on the silicone rubber pads also the print board from manufacturing just took glass cleaner and a cotton towel fixed that problem and did make them more responsive. Than I also put a small piece of electrical tape just the size of the gap on the cord strain relief where case sits to take the play out of it. The construction of the GN6 inside is just about the same as the MK-1653.

    So yeah love this gamepad. Nothing better than mixing some Sega with your Sony. :-)