GN6 Controller For Sega Genesis - Hyperkin

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GN6 Controller For Sega Genesis - Hyperkin

The Genesis six button controller features eight-way directional pads and six action buttons, and it is compatible with any Sega Genesis systems.

Product Features
  • Compatible with Sega Genesis gaming system
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Six digital buttons

4 Reviews

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    Absolutely lovely

    Posted by Lexica Llewellyn Runner on Sep 23rd 2022

    When I first got my Megadrive, I had been disappointed with the standard 3-button controller. While I had heard glowing praise for it, I found it a bit unwieldy and the d-pad too large for comfort. This controller didn't have these problems for me, with it's smaller d-pad and more ergonomic shape. Plus the extra buttons makes it perfect for games that take advantage, such as fighting games and PETSCII Robots. 10/10 would recommend.

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    Every controller should be like this

    Posted by Sam Friesen on Aug 23rd 2021

    I just bought this as a backup controller incase something happens to my original genesis controllers, but this will be my primary controller from now on. Probably has one of the best dpads I've ever used, and the buttons are super tactile (if not a LITTLE stiff, but it's much better than being mushy!) I really was pleasantly surprised at the quality considering it was so cheap.

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    Affordable Genesis controller

    Posted by Carl Lundberg on May 3rd 2021

    The one flaw of this controller is the build quality isn't quite as good as other 3rd party Sega Genesis controllers but it works the way it's suppose to. The pros are that It's cheap and the mermaid green color really stands out. Looks great with my JVC X'EYE!

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    Excellent controller

    Posted by Alcides Ney Tavares Nobre on Apr 10th 2021

    Very good controller, very ergonomic and comfortable, excellent quality.