YPbPr Component Cable for Super NES - HD Retrovision

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YPbPr Component Cable for Super NES - HD Retrovision

HD Retrovision Super Nintendo YPbPr Component Cable

The HD Retrovision SNES YPbPr Component Cable is a gift to your eyeballs. In the past, you would be stuck playing Mega Man X and Star Fox with cables that resulted in color striping and bleeding. Those problems are a thing of the past when you start playing your Super Nintendo with an HD Retrovision YPbPr cable. Use them on an HDTV that supports 240p, or on a standard-definition CRT for that classic look.

The following chart contains a list of tested and confirmed console models which have been verified to work with the SNES YPbPr Cable. The intent of this list is to give a general idea of what types of consoles can work with the cable, and is not exhaustive. Therefore, we expect the cable to work with even more models and console types than what is listed, but we are unable to explicitly put them in the list unless functionality is directly confirmed by us.

As highlighted below, there is no out-of-the-box solution for using the SNES/SFC "mini" (SNS-101 / SHVC-101) or Nintendo 64 with the SNES YPbPr cable. These specific consoles require internal modification. The modification services listed within the chart are the only ones approved by HD Retrovision.  Self-installation kits or other similar types of services are NOT supported under warranty.

[For details on changes made in the latest SNES cable revision, please see the SNS0-AH0 Changelog]

SNES YPbPr Cable Verified Compatibility List (includes all internal revisions of models listed)
SNS-001 Super Nintendo NTSC - North America
SNSP-001A(UKV) Super Nintendo (United Kingdom) PAL - UK
SHVC-001 Super Famicom NTSC - Japan
DOL-001(EUR) Nintendo Gamecube (Europe) PAL - Europe
DOL-101(EUR) Nintendo Gamecube (Europe) PAL - Europe
SNS-101 Super Nintendo "mini"  NTSC - North America
SHVC-101 Super Famicom "mini" NTSC - Japan
(serial# NS1XXXX only)
Nintendo 64 - w/ RGB Mod
Nintendo 64 - w/ RGB Mod
NTSC - North America

NOTE: HD Retrovision YPbPr component cables only output Standard-Definition video. No High-Definition signals are directly available through their cables. See this FAQ for more details.



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4 Reviews

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    SNES Component Cable

    Posted by Mitchell McDonough on Sep 22nd 2023

    I had seen videos of what this product could do, but nothing prepared me for what it looks like in person. The light colors pop, and the darker colors have a warm depth to them. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to take their SNES to the next level.

  • 5
    Excellent Cables

    Posted by Ichiban Baller on Sep 21st 2023

    I used these cables on an n64 with Tim Worthington`s RGB mod. The picture is stupendous. It`s so vibrant and crisp now. These cables are worth every penny.

  • 5

    Posted by youneedityougotit on Sep 6th 2023

    It does exactly what it was made to do. I love the little cover for the switch that affects brightness.

  • 5
    HD Retrovision Super Nintendo - Ypbpr component cable SNES

    Posted by Nick on Aug 27th 2023

    Hands down this is the most worthwhile investments and with Stone Age Gamer attending to the selling of a custom made cable brought a dream into fruition. This cable simple plugs and plays into the Super Nintendo Console with the dedicated Red Green Blue colors to give you pure crisp clean definition of SNES to modern day televisions. Many TV`s lately are starting to do away with these types of cables so I can understand the apprehensiveness to spend money on simply ``cables.`` These do more than that and beyond as well clean up any sound issues making it more vibrant and have a sturdier beat to music and sounds in game. I have this plugged into other 3rd party upscalers and by far this cable is a must if you choose to go that route. The reliability with Stone Age Gamer and their prompt and speedy delivery was perfect along with packaging for shipping. Great deals on this site too. Along with customer service satisfaction. Exceptionally pleased with product will pass on the good word.