YPbPr Component Cable for Super NES - HD Retrovision

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YPbPr Component Cable for Super NES - HD Retrovision

HD Retrovision Super Nintendo YPbPr Component Cable

The HD Retrovision SNES YPbPr Component Cable is a gift to your eyeballs. In the past, you would be stuck playing Mega Man X and Star Fox with cables that resulted in color striping and bleeding. Those problems are a thing of the past when you start playing your Super Nintendo with an HD Retrovision YPbPr cable. Use them on an HDTV that supports 240p, or on a standard-definition CRT for that classic look.

The following chart contains a list of tested and confirmed console models which have been verified to work with the SNES YPbPr Cable. The intent of this list is to give a general idea of what types of consoles can work with the cable, and is not exhaustive. Therefore, we expect the cable to work with even more models and console types than what is listed, but we are unable to explicitly put them in the list unless functionality is directly confirmed by us.

As highlighted below, there is no out-of-the-box solution for using the SNES/SFC "mini" (SNS-101 / SHVC-101) or Nintendo 64 with the SNES YPbPr cable. These specific consoles require internal modification. The modification services listed within the chart are the only ones approved by HD Retrovision.  Self-installation kits or other similar types of services are NOT supported under warranty.

[For details on changes made in the latest SNES cable revision, please see the SNS0-AH0 Changelog]

SNES YPbPr Cable Verified Compatibility List (includes all internal revisions of models listed)
SNS-001 Super Nintendo NTSC - North America
SNSP-001A(UKV) Super Nintendo (United Kingdom) PAL - UK
SHVC-001 Super Famicom NTSC - Japan
DOL-001(EUR) Nintendo Gamecube (Europe) PAL - Europe
DOL-101(EUR) Nintendo Gamecube (Europe) PAL - Europe
SNS-101 Super Nintendo "mini"  NTSC - North America
SHVC-101 Super Famicom "mini" NTSC - Japan
(serial# NS1XXXX only)
Nintendo 64 - w/ RGB Mod
Nintendo 64 - w/ RGB Mod
NTSC - North America

NOTE: HD Retrovision YPbPr component cables only output Standard-Definition video. No High-Definition signals are directly available through their cables. See this FAQ for more details.



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17 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Image!

    Posted by Bryce Johnson on Apr 24th 2024

    Bought these to use for my Super Nintendo on my CRT display. The image is crisp and colorful and I couldn`t be happier. Great cables, highly recommended for use on a CRT that can handle component input.

  • 5
    Perfect for component-compatible CRTs

    Posted by D E on Apr 1st 2024

    Title says it all. What else can I say? This is a great set of cables for your RGB- capable Nintendo console, in this case my SNES.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Aliperti on Mar 24th 2024

    Amazing cables, flawless picture. Perfect fit for my Extron CrossPoint 450 & my JVC 36” D-Series looks amazing! Shipping was lightning fast!

  • 5
    best cable so far

    Posted by Charles Corbeil on Mar 19th 2024

    I recently did an RGB mod to my Jungle Green N64 and I was having a hard time getting a good quality rgb signal out on a 3rd party component cable. This cable was well worth the money. Not only does it make my N64 SPARKLE on my 32`` Sharp CRT but my Super Nintendo has never looked better.

  • 5
    Excellent cable

    Posted by Mike G on Mar 19th 2024

    Works great with my SNES Jr going through an Extron switcher that is connected to a 36” Toshiba CRT. Just as sharp and colorful as direct RGB, but with the correct brightness via the switch without having to reopen my SNES and do more soldering. Easier/cheaper than converting RGB SCART to Component for my TV too, which is nice.

  • 5
    Incredible cable set

    Posted by Jeff B on Mar 13th 2024

    This cable set is Monster top shelf quality.

  • 5
    SNES component is magic

    Posted by Joshua on Feb 27th 2024

    Wow, I`m so glad I picked up these cables. The SNES has never looked so good. Plugs have a good snug fit, and great build quality. If you are a retro enthusiast these are a must have.

  • 5
    HD Retrovision SNES Component Cables A Gift For Your Eyes

    Posted by Rich Ambler on Feb 9th 2024

    The HD Retrovision SNES Component Cables truly are a gift for your eyes! These cables provide superior video quality that you will notice immediately right out of the box. While these YPbPr Component Cables are specifically designed for use with the SNES, they will also provide exceptional video signal when used with the Tim Worthington NES RGB Mod. You will not be disappointed with these cables if used properly. One final note: HD Retrovision YPbPr component cables only output Standard-Definition video of the intended console source and as such, may be incompatible with your capture card, so be sure to check the FAQ on capture cards if you intend to stream. The use of an upscaler can often work around the issue of 240p YPbPr specific incompatibility inherent within many capture cards. -Rich Ambler, 1990 Nintendo World Champion 1st Runner-Up Hollywood, CA.

  • 5
    Cornerstone of Nintendo Retro Gaming

    Posted by Shane on Feb 5th 2024

    These cables are the key element to my setup. I`ve got them for my RGB modded NES, 1-Chip SNES, and RGB modded N64. All feed into a component switch, and I even use HD Retrovision`s M-M cable to feed into the RetroTINK 4K. Could not be happier with these cables. I highly recommend building your setup around using these cables.