YPbPr Component Cable for Sega Genesis - HD Retrovision

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YPbPr Component Cable for Sega Genesis - HD Retrovision

HD Retrovision Sega Genesis YPbPr Component Cable

PLEASE NOTE: Adapters are needed if using this with a Model 1 Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, or Sony Playstation 1.  Please use those links if needing more than 1 adapter.  

The Genesis YPbPr Component Cable will make every game from Altered Beast to Zero Wing look like you've never seen it before. A standard composite Sega Genesis cable results in blurry text, color smearing, and the loss of some of the original detail. But HD Retrovision YPbPr cables provide a clean, white balanced image that is crisp and clear. Use them on an HDTV that supports 240p, or on a standard-definition CRT for that classic look.!

The Genesis YPbPr cable has a Model 2 style plug, compatible with later editions of the Genesis. We also offer an adapter that converts this plug to work on the Model 1 Genesis and Master System, as well as adapters for several other consoles. The Genesis cable also includes a stereo upgrade jack to simplify audio connectivity. Using a male-to-male 3.5mm audio cable, it is simple to upgrade your standalone Model 1 Genesis or combination 32X/Sega CD unit to stereo audio.

The following charts contain a list of tested and confirmed console models which have been verified to work with the Genesis YPbPr Cable and Model 1 adapter. The intent of these lists is to give a general idea of what types of consoles can work with the cable and adapter, and are not exhaustive. Therefore, we expect the cable to work with even more models and console types than what is listed, but we are unable to explicitly put them in the list unless functionality is directly confirmed by us.

[For details on changes made in the latest Genesis cable revision, please see the GEN0-AH0 Changelog]

Genesis YPbPr Cable Verified Compatibility List (includes all internal revisions of models listed)
MK-1631 Sega Genesis 2 NTSC - North America
HAA-2502 Sega Mega Drive 2 NTSC - Japan
MK-1631-50 Sega Mega Drive 2 (Europe) PAL - Europe
MK-1461 Sega Genesis 3 (mono audio only) NTSC - North America
MK-6100 Sega Nomad NTSC - North America
MK-84000A Sega 32X NTSC - North America
MK-4121 Sega CDX NTSC - North America
RG-M10BU JVC X'Eye (models with mini-DIN A/V port) NTSC - North America
HES-TGX-01 NEC TurboGrafx-16 (with an RGB expansion device) NTSC - North America
PI-TG001 NEC PC Engine with a (with an RGB expansion device) NTSC - Japan
PI-TG3 NEC CoreGrafx with a (with an RGB expansion device) NTSC - Japan

Model 2 to Model 1 Adapter Verified Compatibility List (includes all internal revisions of models listed)
1601 Sega Genesis 1 NTSC - North America
HAA-2510 Sega Mega Drive 1 NTSC - Japan
1600-05 Sega Mega Drive 1 PAL - UK
3000 Sega Master System NTSC - North America
3010 Sega Master System NTSC - North America
3010-(A,B,C) Sega Master System NTSC - North America
3005-05-A Sega Master System PAL - UK
MK-2000 Sega Master System NTSC - Japan

Genesis YPbPr Cable Verified Incompatibility List
1600-09 Sega Mega Drive 1 SECAM - France
1601-09 Sega Mega Drive 1 SECAM - France
3005-09-A Sega Master System SECAM - France
3005-26-A Sega Master System SECAM - Switzerland
3006-09 Sega Master System II SECAM - France
 NOTE: These YPbPr component cables only output Standard-Definition video. No High-Definition signals are directly available through our cables.  See the HD Retrovision FAQ for more details.




29 Reviews

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    HD Retrovision YPbPr Component Cable for Sega Genesis

    Posted by Great quality on May 23rd 2024

    I am quite impressed with this cable. I have an older Samsung Syncmaster LCD monitor/TV that can accept 240p signals, and this cable gives a very nice, clear picture. With the cable`s switch set to ``bright``, the colors look very close to what I get with my Sony 27`` CRT. After using this cable, I`m thinking about getting one for my N64, too. All in all it`s a great product.

  • 5
    Awesome quality

    Posted by Brandon Winkelbauer on May 19th 2024

    This cable makes a huge difference! The picture quality is fantastic definitely recommend

  • 5
    Great cables

    Posted by Tom K on May 9th 2024

    I use hdretrovision cables to connect to my PVM. Video and sound quality are impressive.

  • 5

    Posted by Jose Yznaga on Apr 16th 2024

    I have been looking into improving my setup, and I always knew I wanted component. This was always being hyped and I wanted to see for myself. From 32x, Genesis, and even my PS1 (via adapted sold separately) I can safely say this BLEW my expectations away. I used it on both my CRT and Retrotink 5x and I definitely plan to buy more for the rest of my consoles that support RGB. 1000000% recommend!

  • 5
    My Genesis has never looked better

    Posted by Matthew Ponzi on Apr 14th 2024

    I`m a big fan of these cables. They look amazing through a PVM with the Genesis. Sharp picture, amazing colors. The only thing that would have made them better is if they came with the auxiliary cable for the model 1 Genesis, even if it was packaged with the adapter. Great buy!

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on Mar 31st 2024

    Works and looks amazing. Easily the best solution for RGB-quality video in the US

  • 5
    Genesis Component Cables

    Posted by Aaron Snead on Mar 29th 2024

    Beautiful 240P image with a model 2 Genesis. Test to make sure your TV will accept 240P or you’ll need a scaler/ line doubler. Had an issue with my Saturn not working with the adapter for this though. US console. Worked fine with a scart cable so I’m not sure what the issue is. Highly recommend for Genesis users.

  • 5
    HD Retrovision is truly the best

    Posted by Alejandro Marti on Mar 27th 2024

    Best cables on the market and work better than my PS2 Golldplated OEM component cables . You guys are the best !!

  • 5
    Worth every cent!

    Posted by Justin Yates on Mar 9th 2024

    This cord is a total game changer. I had a close friend who told me to look into this cord when I told him I purchased a Genesis Model 2 second hand and my new CRT had component inputs. As a gamer on a budget I can’t justify going the HDMI route with the retro counsels I have. So the $40 CRT Facebook marketplace find has been my go to monitor. When I purchased this cord it completely brought a whole new life to my Genesis. To my understanding, the output on the Genesis 2 is complete garbage. Using this cord brought out colors I never saw before. The purples specifically. Worth every penny!