YPbPr Component Cable for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 - HD Retrovision

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YPbPr Component Cable for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 - HD Retrovision

HD Retrovision Sony Playstation 2 & 3 YPbPr Component Cable


  • Get the best analog video & audio out of your PS2 or PS3 using this high-quality fully shielded cable
  • HD Retrovision cables are properly engineered and constructed; don't settle for cheap unshielded cables which result in poor video quality and audio interference issues
  • Supports all available PS2 & PS3 YPbPr video resolutions up to and including 1080p (see warning below)
  • Full coverage 360° shielding prevents audio and video crosstalk (click on photos for more details)
  • Proper 75O (75 ohm) coaxial cable impedance for optimal video quality (click on photos for more details)

Use these high-quality cables to connect your PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 console to the YPbPr component video inputs on your TV or other video equipment. These cables are properly engineered and constructed to deliver the best analog video & audio out of your PS2 or PS3 console. The fully shielded design eliminates audio and video crosstalk, while the 75O (75 ohm) impedance effectively transmits the full video detail even at 1080p resolutions.

WARNING for PlayStation 2 & 3 consoles only

Certain software (i.e. most PlayStation 1 games and a handful of PlayStation 2 games) requires your TV or monitor to support “240p” (NTSC/60Hz regions) and/or “288p” (PAL/50Hz regions) over its YPbPr input(s) in order to use this product in those scenarios. If this a concern for you, then please test your equipment using HD Retrovision's 240p Compatibility Test prior to purchasing.


10 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect retro tink pair

    Posted by Josh s on Jul 17th 2024

    Picture quality is increadiable and looks amazing with a retrotink 5x

  • 5
    Perfect Cables

    Posted by H. Hisham on Jul 14th 2024

    Really great cables, makes a huge difference using these cables compared to cheap ones I could find locally :)

  • 5
    ps2 component cable

    Posted by Alex C on Jun 17th 2024

    Sent on time. Well packaged. Works great on my retro game setup and with my retrotink scaler. Awesome product.

  • 5
    Solid Cable

    Posted by Ryan on Jun 15th 2024

    If you want the clearest picture with no loss to the signal quality, these HD Retrovision cables are some of the best. I own a dozen of them for various systems and they are all solid cables.

  • 5
    Fantastic PS2 Cable

    Posted by Michael Walters on Jun 12th 2024

    This cable is very high quality; and does what it needs to do. Component looks fantastic on modern and retro tvs. Highly recommend this cable.

  • 5
    Premium Product

    Posted by Reviewer on Jun 11th 2024

    This cable is wonderful, first I bought the WII cable and then I bought this PS2 cable and I couldn`t be more delighted with the quality. The service delivered by the Stoneagegamer team is impeccable as always, what more could you ask for?
    thank you so much.

  • 5
    Best quality video for the PS2

    Posted by Matt Majewski on Mar 10th 2024

    This cable made a HUGE difference in the video quality of component output on my PS2. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Erich on Feb 7th 2024

    These are amazing cables. The picture quality is a huge step up on my CRT TV!

  • 5
    HD Retrovision Cables for PS2

    Posted by Andrew Kirk on Jan 5th 2024

    I have an older hd tv that happens to support component and 480i output and was looking to take advantage of these inputs for my PS2. I am thrilled at the improvement of my PS2 from composite to hd retrovision cables! The colors are vivid and crisp. The text is no longer blurry either. I will returning to Stone Age Gamer to upgrade all my cables for every console that supports hd retrovision cables. Huge thank to Stone Age Gamer for providing these products!!!