To The Bone - Audio Music Album for Commodore 64 by Remute

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To The Bone - Audio Music Album for Commodore 64 by Remute

To The Bone - Audio Music Album for Commodore 64 by Remute

About Remute

"I was the kid that stayed in his room while other kids were playing soccer. I was happily surrounded by homecomputers and gameconsoles instead. They made me, educated me, entertained me. Especially one machine is responsible for pretty much my whole mindset - the Commodore C64! Got it when I was five and it was the beginning of my strong friendship with technology and my everlasting technoptimism. The look, the feel, the sound - it blew my mind and still does! It's the homecomputer I programmed and it programmed me...forever."

The mind of Remute - it grew up on 64k. And so he finally goes back to his earliest roots and delivers a full album for the Commodore C64 homecomputer. These 20 brandnew songs will give you a brutally honest insight into the life and mindset of the musician. Contradictions, irrational twists and unconditional happiness in the dark and in the light. Only the C64's SID-chip is capable of capturing it all. This is Remute... TO THE BONE!

"To The Bone" comes as a pcb for the C64. Pure chip beauty. It doesn't get any more chiptune than this.
It runs flawlessly on all revisions of the C64, no matter if PAL or NTSC.
A 8580 SID is recommended, but it sounds cool on a 6581 too.
All music gets generated in realtime by the SID soundchip of the C64 - except 'In The Dark' which showcases stunning, high quality native digital audio playback you never heard before like this on the C64!
The player and GUI were programmed together with Remute's dreamteam consisting of demoscene coder Kabuto and graphic artist Alien, who already collaborated with him on his previous albums Technoptimistic, Living Electronics or his new Sega Mega Drive game Decoder.

Please Note: A download to the .CRT-File will also be included upon release - just in case you want to listen to this album on your favourite emulator or THEC64 mini / maxi.

Track List

1. Bubblehead 01:47
2. Biker 01:14
3. Banker 01:21
4. Bed Destruct 01:32
5. To The Bone 02:23
6. Suspense 01:17
7. Run Baby Run 02:29
8. Lock Picking 01:17
9. Eins 01:35
10. Thrill 01:18
11. Narcissist 01:58
12. Connector 00:30
13. Diligence 01:45
14. Borderliner 02:15
15. Zwei 01:56
16. Shisha Bar 01:12
17. Rave Monkey 01:33
18. Alone 01:33
19. R U Real? 01:17
20. In The Dark 01:20


released July 7, 2023

Music programmed by Remute.
Code by Kabuto.
Graphics by Alien.