Remute 3D - Audio Music Album for 3DO by Remute

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Remute 3D - Audio Music Album for 3DO by Remute

Remute 3D - Audio Music Album for 3DO by Remute

Are you ready to dive into peak 'multimedia'? With TIME magazine's '1993 product of the year'? Wanna play with the... 3DO?!
After just releasing There Is Hope for the Atari Jaguar this year, Remute goes even more niche and already comes up with his next interactive music album Remute 3D exclusively for the 3DO,
a video game console developed by The 3DO Company and conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins. Even before the Sony PlayStation or the Sega Saturn launched,
the 32-bit CD-based 3DO provided glorious 3D-gaming and fun FMV-experiences never seen before on TV screens.

Remute 3D contains 15 brand new tracks ranging from psychedelic techno trance bliss to adventurous, spaced out new wave electro-pop. It is showcasing once more Remute's versatility and lust
for experimenting while staying true to his 90s electronica and rave roots. Meet Remute in a realtime 3D-environment, watch full motion video, play a game or just simply listen to some tunes - yes,
this is multimedia in full effect!

Remute 3D runs on every 3DO console model out there - the CD-ROM is region free! It also runs via 3DO emulators.
The album was made together with acclaimed 3DO-dev Retro Love Letter who released the amazing first person shooter Bio Fury for the 3DO earlier this year.

Get R-E-A-L. Get a 3DO. It's time to put away your toys.

And get Remute 3D - for the most advanced home gaming system in the universe [sic!].

Includes unlimited streaming of Remute 3D [3DO music album] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.