Decoder - Audio Music Album for Sega Genesis by Remute

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Decoder - Audio Music Album for Sega Genesis by Remute

Remute kicked off 2023 with an ambitious, longtime dream project - a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive adaption of the german counter-cultural cyberpunk cult movie Decoder!

Decoder, released in 1984 and conceived by Klaus Maeck, is roughly based on writings of William S. Burroughs and tells us about a dystopian society ruled by the 'WORLD' corporation who controls the population with hypnotic sounds called 'Muzak'. But there's FM, a clever dissident, who discovers that by decoding the Muzak, riots and revolution against the looming power of WORLD can be incited.

Remute's adaption comes exclusively as a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive cartridge and let's you deeply dive into the thrilling story of Decoder while listening to a brandnew electro soundtrack generated in realtime by the console's soundchip!

For this project Remute teamed up with coder Kabuto and graphic artist Alien who both previously worked with him for his acclaimed albums Technoptimistic and Living Electronics.
Enjoy the Decoder experience and be aware that sounds contol your mind...


Track List

1. Decoder Theme 02:02
2. Decoder Theme Variation 01:42
3. Kitchen 01:15
4. Control Room 01:01
5. FM's Studio 01:01
6. H Burger 01:16
7. H Burger Drill 01:16
8. Telephone And Chill 01:38
9. Jaeger In The Red Light District 01:47
10 The Muzak Talk 01:16
11. Frogs 01:01
12. Like A Laser 01:28
13. Burroughs Dream 01:39
14. Creating Anti Muzak 01:09
15. On The Road To TOAD 01:16
16. TOAD HQ 01:16
17. Genesis 01:01
18. Spread The Sound 01:01
19. Riot 02:02
20. WORLD Board Meeting 01:32
21. Jaeger Under Pressure 02:02
22. Busted 01:32
23. Escape Via Train 01:01
24. Revolution 01:32
25. Final Getaway 02:18
26. Decoder Theme Finale 02:33


released April 4, 2023

Conceived by Klaus Maeck.
Code by Kabuto.
GFX conversion by Alien.
Music by Remute

all rights reserved

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    Posted by Germán on Jun 25th 2024

    This is not just an album, it`s a complete story that you can watch (and read) while hearing at the always awesome work of Remute and his programmers.