SNES2Neo Ultra Low Latency SNES Controller Adapter for Neo Geo - Retro Frog

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SNES2Neo Ultra Low Latency SNES Controller Adapter for Neo Geo - Retro Frog

Do you love the Neo Geo, but wish there were more controller options? The SNES2Neo is here!

The SNES2Neo allows you to use virtually ALL Super Nintendo wired and wireless controllers on your Neo Geo AES home console, Neo CD or consolized MVS system. Works with the wireless dongles with both BT and 2.4GHz controllers and uses the Neo Geo CD controller button layout.

And with just 1ms of latency, the SNES2Neo won’t affect your gaming at all. And it even supports 6 buttons for SuperGun users with the shoulder buttons acting as button 5 and 6. See the chart below for the button layout.

The SNES2Neo follows the KISS principle: It’s designed to be completely plug and play. It’s non programmable and has no buttons to interact with. Plug your controller in, power your console on and just jump into your game.

SNES2Neo has been tested with a wide variety of original Nintendo controllers and 3rd party ones including 8bitdo wireless ones.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using an Omega MVS console, this adapter may not fit.  You may be able to use an extension cable along with this adapter however.  



5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Mulder on Jun 4th 2023

    I`ve bought 4 of these for my aes and neo geo cd consoles and they work perfect with 2.4g 8bitdo adapters. No noticable latency whatsoever. Awesome!

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    Finally a true solution

    Posted by Mike B on May 20th 2023

    Seems to work very well. I prefer to use wired controllers over wireless ones but both work. My CBOX/AES are very happy. The Brooks solution is ok if you like PS3 controllers, I personally don`t. A bit on the expensive side but if you like playing console games and love SNES controllers this is for you.

  • 5

    Posted by Phil Falco on May 20th 2023

    To keep things simple: this adapter is well built, has zero lag, and just simply works.The best products are the one that you forget are even there. Five stars — thank you, Retrofrog and Stoneage Gamer!

  • 5

    Posted by Samson on Apr 21st 2023

    OEM Neo Geo controllers are awesome. They`re also big, expensive and don`t come in wireless varieties. (No, I`m not counting BlueRetro, that`s still very much a rough-around-the-edges hobby device IMO). Being able to use any of the plentiful variety of SNES controllers, including the excellent wireless options from 8bitdo and Retrobit makes this a must have. Finally my wife and I can enjoy some old school Samurai Showdown III on original hardware from the comfort of the couch without needing to run extension cords across the room. (Plus she really doesn`t like the joystick controllers). This device is extremely simple to use and doesn`t require any tweaking, configuration expertise, etc... Definitely a must buy if you have a Neo Geo.

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    SNES2NEO is Awesome!

    Posted by Gabriel Acevedo on Mar 29th 2023

    Even though this was marketed as essentially zero lag device, I was still pleasantly surprised that my 2.4Ghz wireless 8Bitdo controller worked flawlessly. With as short as official controller cables are, I will be using this exclusively when playing Neo Geo!