Neo BT Bluetooth Adapter for Neo Geo - Humble Bazooka

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Neo BT Bluetooth Adapter for Neo Geo - Humble Bazooka

The Neo BT is a Bluetooth Adapter that allows you to connect various bluetooth controllers to your Neo Geo AES, MVS, CD, or SuperGun. This includes PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Switch Joy-Cons, 8BitDo (bluetooth only) and other bluetooth controllers.

The Neo BT runs on the incredible BlueRetro platform by Jacques Gagnon. A portion of each sale is donated to Jacques to further support the platform.

Blue Retro


  • Supports 8BitDo’s Neo Geo Wireless Controller (Bluetooth)
  • Use various Bluetooth devices with your Neo Geo, MVS, and Super Gun
  • Supports Turbo (requires firmware 1.7+)
  • Very low latency, comparable to “2.4Ghz” devices (varies based on controller being used)
    Example: 8BitDo’s PC Engine Mini Controller is around 7.4ms ( whereas BlueRetro with a PS5 controller is lower at around 5.4ms
  • Remappable buttons
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Open source and user updatable
  • Plug & Play

8BitDo’s Neo Geo Wireless Controller Setup

  1. Slide the mode button to Bluetooth icon on the back of the controller.
  2. Power on your AES/MVS with the Neo BT connected.
  3. Once the Neo BT’s LED starts to pulse, press the Start button on the controller. The controller’s LED status will blink and then remain lit once it’s successful paired.
  4. Press and hold Up + Select for 5 seconds to put the controller into D-Pad mode.

8bitdo Controller Setup

Adapter Documentation


  • PS4/PS5: ~5.4 ms
  • XBOX One: ~8.8 ms
  • Switch Pro: ~12.4 ms
  • PS3: ~12.8
  • WiiU Pro: ~13.2 ms
  • 8bitdo: ~16.2 ms
  • Wiimote: ~16.3 ms


7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Junior on Nov 9th 2023

    Excellent adapter. It worked perfectly with Neo-Geo`s 8Bitdo, effortlessly.

  • 5
    Great Adapter for the Neo Geo Arcade MVS

    Posted by Joe Odom on Oct 26th 2023

    I bought two of these for my Neo Geo MVS Four Slot Arcade Machine, and it works very easily with a PS5 controller or the 8bitdo Neo Geo CD Wireless Controller. I can now play Neo geo games on the arcade stick or on my controller wirelessly with little to no lag.

  • 5
    NEO BT Heaven!

    Posted by Denis Caron on Oct 25th 2023

    This is the second product I brought from Humble Bazooka and it`s simply amazing. I use it with the 8bitdo NeoGeo CD controller. Instant connection, low latency and no disconnects. Simply amazing!

  • 5
    NeoBT is a Must!!!

    Posted by Magus Incognito on Oct 25th 2023

    I’ve been using these on my NeoGeo MVS, AES & CD as well as on my HAS supergun and they work great! Highly recommended!!!

  • 5
    Neo BT

    Posted by Cable_Box_Mods on May 1st 2023

    Unit works flawlessly with my OpenMVS unit. Easy to setup and get going. Would definitely recommend to anyone for a wireless solution or just a cheaper solution to having to buy an official SNK joystick.

  • 5
    NeoBT is legit!

    Posted by Aaron Elfstrom on Apr 4th 2023

    Popped into my MVS and my PS4 controller synced up super quick. Literally turned on the system, hit pairing on my controller, and BOOM! All done! Fits perfectly in my supergun and seems to have very low response times. Would definitely recommend one of these to anyone not wanting to use a hardwired solution for their MVS/AES.

  • 5
    Simply amazing!

    Posted by Clemens on Nov 16th 2022

    Just received this adapter and put it through its paces. The input lag is extremely low and the configuration options are limitless. A must have if you want to use modern controllers on your AES.