Neo BT Bluetooth Adapter for Neo Geo - Humble Bazooka

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Neo BT Bluetooth Adapter for Neo Geo - Humble Bazooka

The Neo BT is a Bluetooth Adapter that allows you to connect various bluetooth controllers to your Neo Geo AES, MVS, CD, or SuperGun. This includes PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Switch Joy-Cons, 8BitDo (bluetooth only) and other bluetooth controllers.

The Neo BT runs on the incredible BlueRetro platform by Jacques Gagnon. A portion of each sale is donated to Jacques to further support the platform.

Blue Retro


  • Supports 8BitDo’s Neo Geo Wireless Controller (Bluetooth)
  • Use various Bluetooth devices with your Neo Geo, MVS, and Super Gun
  • Supports Turbo (requires firmware 1.7+)
  • Very low latency, comparable to “2.4Ghz” devices (varies based on controller being used)
    Example: 8BitDo’s PC Engine Mini Controller is around 7.4ms ( whereas BlueRetro with a PS5 controller is lower at around 5.4ms
  • Remappable buttons
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Open source and user updatable
  • Plug & Play

8BitDo’s Neo Geo Wireless Controller Setup

  1. Slide the mode button to Bluetooth icon on the back of the controller.
  2. Power on your AES/MVS with the Neo BT connected.
  3. Once the Neo BT’s LED starts to pulse, press the Start button on the controller. The controller’s LED status will blink and then remain lit once it’s successful paired.
  4. Press and hold Up + Select for 5 seconds to put the controller into D-Pad mode.

8bitdo Controller Setup

Adapter Documentation


  • 8BitDo Neo Geo CD: ~9.75 ms (taken from MisterAddons)
  • PS4/PS5: ~5.4 ms
  • XBOX One: ~8.8 ms
  • Switch Pro: ~12.4 ms
  • PS3: ~12.8
  • WiiU Pro: ~13.2 ms
  • Wiimote: ~16.3 ms


12 Reviews

  • 4
    Nice to Sit back

    Posted by Kennedy Holt on Feb 26th 2024

    These bluetooth adapters are great for being able to sit back away from the TV and play my NGCD. Much more comfortable than being hunched over 4 feet from the tv and playing on the OEM joystick.

  • 5
    You Need This!

    Posted by Gabriel Acevedo on Jan 28th 2024

    There is no better way to play Neo Geo with a wireless controller than this. I paired this an 8BitDo Neo Geo controller and I could not notice any lag.

  • 5
    Perfect for the 8bitdo Neo Geo CD Controllers!

    Posted by Gerardo on Jan 27th 2024

    I purchased two of these for my Neo Geo CD 8bitdo controllers! The one issue I had was there was an issue when I turned on my AES and had my JGO memory card also inserted. I had to turn on my AES with the memory card also inserted but plugged in the NEO BT after turning on my AES that way. Light began pulsing and hit start on my controller and it synced right up! I am EXTREMELY suseptible to lag and I was ready to be disappointed but after playing some fighters(kof 02, garou, kof 98, last blade, samsho 2, rb fatal fury, and some blazing star) for an hour it was working perfectly! The world was safe and south town had been saved! I highly recommend this!

  • 5
    Next-Level Neo Geo: My Stellar Experience with the Neo BT Adapter

    Posted by Marcelo Carrapatoso on Dec 31st 2023

    I recently purchased the Neo BT Bluetooth Adapter for my Neo Geo system and I’m extremely impressed. The ease of use is remarkable – it was a breeze to set up and start playing. Its versatility stands out, allowing me to use different controllers, including the recent 8bitDo Neo Geo controller, which works flawlessly. I appreciate its ability to function smoothly with minimal lag, enhancing my gaming experience. This adapter is a game-changer for anyone looking to upgrade their Neo Geo setup with modern controllers.

  • 5
    Great, Bluetooth for the future

    Posted by Benan on Dec 22nd 2023

    Respekt,das ist eine Innovation wenn es um Retro Konsole wiederzubeleben geht.Man ist für die Zukunft gut ausgestattet wenn man mit diesen Modul unterwegs ist.Egal ob mit moderne Konsolencontroller oder andere Bluetooth Controller,man verbindet es mit diesen Modul und dann kann es schon losgehen.Keine Kabelsalat mehr.Ich kann es jeden Empfehlen.

  • 5

    Posted by Junior on Nov 9th 2023

    Excellent adapter. It worked perfectly with Neo-Geo`s 8Bitdo, effortlessly.

  • 5
    Great Adapter for the Neo Geo Arcade MVS

    Posted by Joe Odom on Oct 26th 2023

    I bought two of these for my Neo Geo MVS Four Slot Arcade Machine, and it works very easily with a PS5 controller or the 8bitdo Neo Geo CD Wireless Controller. I can now play Neo geo games on the arcade stick or on my controller wirelessly with little to no lag.

  • 5
    NEO BT Heaven!

    Posted by Denis Caron on Oct 25th 2023

    This is the second product I brought from Humble Bazooka and it`s simply amazing. I use it with the 8bitdo NeoGeo CD controller. Instant connection, low latency and no disconnects. Simply amazing!

  • 5
    NeoBT is a Must!!!

    Posted by Magus Incognito on Oct 25th 2023

    I’ve been using these on my NeoGeo MVS, AES & CD as well as on my HAS supergun and they work great! Highly recommended!!!