Sega Saturn Converter for Sega Genesis Cables - HD Retrovision

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Sega Saturn Converter for Sega Genesis Cables - HD Retrovision

HD Retrovision Sega Saturn Adapter - Use with Genesis 2 Cable

This adapter converts the male 9-pin mini-DIN connector on the Genesis YPbPr cable to a male Saturn 10-pin mini-DIN connector.

The specific list of known supported consoles can be found here. Though it may work with others that haven't been tested, it cannot be guaranteed.

NOTE: This product requires an HD Retrovision Genesis YPbPr Cable. It will not work with a SNES YPbPr cable or any other cable.

Your television or display must be able to support "240p" video over YPbPr to use this product. Please test your specific equipment using the simple test procedure. This test should be run for each console with which you wish to use with the cables.


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    Snug Fit

    Posted by John S. on Jun 11th 2023

    So I got one of these around 2 years ago (from somwhere else), and the female Genesis 2 end was seriously loose. If you touched the system, you would lose video. I emailed SAG and they assued me that problem has been rectified, and I am happy to say it indeed has been fixed. Never been so excited over an adapter after spending the last 2 years messing with a loose adapter. HD Retrovision cables are top notch.