RetroTink 2X Pro - Component, S-video, Composite, to Digital Video Output

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RetroTink 2X Pro - Component, S-video, Composite, to Digital Video Output

The RetroTINK-2X Pro is an affordable video processor to add high-quality analog video inputs to modern HDMI displays by converting 240p/480i/288p/576i NTSC/PAL sources to 480p/576p.

It is specifically optimized to accurately handle 240p/288p inputs by offering ultra-low latency line doubling for bypassing a display’s built-in SDTV scaler/deinterlacer which often adds significant lag and visual artifacts.

The 2X-Pro takes everything from the original device and improves upon it. The Pro model comes with an injection molded enclosure, a full-size HDMI port, and better build quality. Under the hood, a high quality 4-layer PCB is used, as well as multiple independently regulated and filtered power supplies.

The 2X-Pro adds scanline generation, in addition to the smoothing, as optional filter modes. Different color-encoding formats (PAL-60, NTSC-443, SECAM) are now automatically detected. New firmware can be flashed via the USB port using a PC-based program without the need for special tools.

All this adds up to make the RetroTink Pro the simplest, plug-and-play solution for connecting retro-consoles to modern TVs.


Everything that was great about the original is back plus new improvements and features:

  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • Inputs: Component, S-video, Composite (shared with the green jack)
  • Output: HDMI
  • Automatic format detection: NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-M*, NTSC-443* and SECAM*
  • SCANLINE mode
  • Adjustable comb filtering for Retro (notch) and Video (2-D comb)
  • USB firmware upgrade capability - no special tools needed


*PAL-M, NTSC-443 and SECAM auto-detection and support have been implemented in the firmware but only limited testing has been done due to the inavalibility of these devices in the US.

Powered by optional Micro USB cable (suggested to use a USB port on your TV if available)

Optional 20 watt USB Power Brick includes dual ports (USB and USB-C) and can be used on multiple devices at once. 

39 Reviews

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    Perfect Upscaler!

    Posted by James on Jan 26th 2024

    This is perfect for upscaling IMO. I don`t need to fork out the extreme amount of cash for an OSSC or Framemeister for quality upscaling. I play on a 1080p monitor (sitting approximately 6 feet back), and it works exactly how I want it to. Easy to tweak the settings and easy to set up.

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    Retrotink 2x pro

    Posted by Eric on Apr 1st 2023

    Best way to play nintendo 64 on a flatscreen tv. Amazon converters are junk compared to the retrotink. Easy setup and the 3 filters are great as well. Highly recommended

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    Necessary Purchase

    Posted by K W on Mar 23rd 2023

    I wasn`t allowed to have consoles as a kid; as a result, I got my first N64 last month in my 30s. I use the Retrotink 2x Pro daily; it is absolutely necessary if you have a modern TV and don`t want to pay for HD modifications.

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    Retrotink pro

    Posted by William Szabo on Mar 11th 2023

    Very professional… wanted to purchase a retrotink for my older consoles. I had a couple of questions and they responded super fast and professionally. They explained what I needed to know and didn’t push anything to buy. That to me says a lot… with that being said. I ordered my pro. Arrived promptly and very well wrapped. And I couldn’t be happier. It does exactly what I was looking for… thank you. In a world that is now order online and you lose the personal interaction with knowledgeable people. This experience was truly a pleasure. These are that types of companies that make doing business a pleasure… thanks again.

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    Retrotink 2x Pro

    Posted by Andrew Hash on Feb 17th 2023

    This product has really wowed me. I had done some research about this product and was on the fence. The way the Nintendo 64 games look on my modern TV is amazing. I really can`t believe it.
    I want to talk about how fast things are shipped too. This is the second time I have ordered from Stoneage Gamer and the cheapest shipping option has gotten here in 3 days both times.
    Thank you guys for making my gaming experience top notch.

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    Great entry point to retro scaling/conversion solutions

    Posted by Elliott H on Jan 30th 2023

    Simple, effective, and to the point. This device is a great solution for anyone wanting an easy-to-use scaling/conversion solution for their retro setup but also not wanting to break the bank (or isn`t yet willing to deep-dive into more expensive solutions). The smoothing filter really goes a long way to cleaning up the noise in 480I PS2 games, and the scanline filter gives a fun nostalgic look to 240P games. The lack of 480P passthrough is disappointing but understandable at the price point.

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    a must have!

    Posted by Raymond Bolado on Jan 22nd 2023

    I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a rescaler. I have a 65” 4K TV and the Retrotink does wonders. My friend was even blown away with how great the picture quality was. I love the fact that there are setting options to adjust to your liking. The price point is fair and doesn’t break the bank. So yeah, get yourself a Retrotink. It’s worth it!

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    Excellent budget scaling option

    Posted by Owen on Jan 12th 2023

    If you’re interested in hooking up your old systems to a modern display but don’t want to break the bank, this is what you want. 240p line-doubling, a basic scanline generator, s-video + composite support, deinterlacing, and an optional smoothing filter. Excellent performance + feature set from a retro console scaler at this price point.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jukka Koskinen on Dec 6th 2022

    The must have product, if you play retro games on LCD television.