RetroTime GC BlueRetro Wireless Receiver for GameCube

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RetroTime GC BlueRetro Wireless Receiver for GameCube



Did you ever want to play your GameCube games with a wireless controller, but couldn't find a viable solution?
You don't need to wait any longer!

The RetroTime GC BlueRetro Adapter is here and it's quite possibly the worlds smallest bluetooth adapter for the GameCube (also compatible with Wii consoles with GameCube ports).

The GC BlueRetro Controller Adapter is a an adapter for the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii that allows you to connect bluetooth controllers like the PS4, PS5, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, 8BitDo and most other modern BT based controllers!


  • Remappable buttons
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Over the Air firmware updates
  • Plug & Play
  • Rumble support (virtual)

Pairing Process:

  1. Plug the adapter into your GameCube or Wii console.
  2. The LED will start to flash, this indicates pairing mode is active.
  3. Pair the controller of your choice
  4. After the controller is paired, it will automatically connect after a button press from now on

Button functions:

Short press (outside BT inquiry mode): Disconnect all Bluetooth devices from the adapter.
Short press (BT inquiry mode): Cancel Bluetooth pairing mode.
3 second hold: Enable Bluetooth pairing mode (new pairing).
10 sec hold: Factory resets the adapter to default configuration and clears BT pairing keys.

LED Status:

Solid: An error occurred, try shutting off your console and re-plug the adaptor.
Pulsing: Bluetooth pairing mode active (pairing).
Off: No errors, Bluetooth pairing mode disabled, controller connected.

Web Config Information:

Web Config is only available if no controller is connected. Supported only in Desktop or Android Chrome.

How to access the Web Config:

Power on system and connect via Web Bluetooth at BlueRetro Config to configure adapter. Button remapping and preset instructions can be found here.

Updating firmware via Web Config (OTA FW update):

Download the latest firmware from the BlueRetro GitHub page. Unzip the firmware file. Open a tab/window in your web browser and navigate to Blueretro Update Click “Connect BlueRetro” button. Select the “BlueRetro_gc_spiffs.bin” from the unzipped firmware folder. The “Live Output” will scroll through with the update process. On a PC, the update can take around 5 minutes. On Android, the update can take significantly longer.

This adapter is made possible by the amazing Blueretro open source project by Darthcloud: GitHub

8 Reviews

  • 4
    A great budget substitute for a Wavebird

    Posted by Eric S. on May 18th 2024

    Shipping was fast and setup was easy, but I couldn`t get the triggers working properly, so I returned it. After getting the Blue Retro Bluetooth adapter by Laser Bear instead, I discovered that this just needed a software update to work. If you want a single player wireless GC controller and want to save some money, this is for you. If you don`t mind spending a little extra & doing some novice-level modding, then I suggest the Laser Bear mod instead.

  • 5
    Great adapter!!

    Posted by Reviewer on Mar 16th 2024

    I use this to play my Gameboy Advance games with a switch SNES online controller and it works flawlessly:)

  • 5
    The Great Unifier

    Posted by Michael Evans on Dec 16th 2023

    Excellent. Easy to program, and allows the use of most modern controllers on the GCN. I’ve been able to use this adapter plus others of similar type to consolidate most of my consoles to one controller. In my case, the 8Bit-do Pro 2, which is compatible with Blue Retro.

  • 5

    Posted by John on Nov 2nd 2023

    Easy to use, connects to all of my bluetooth controllers so far!

  • 5
    Great Adapter!

    Posted by theskipster on Nov 1st 2023

    Looks and works great, easy to set up, BlueRetro is great!

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Olegario Sanchez Jr on Oct 27th 2023

    Awesome product would recommend, fast shipping

  • 5
    Sweet Wireless Option

    Posted by Nate on Oct 26th 2023

    Bought 2 of these to pair with switch pro controllers. Super quick and easy to pair, works like a charm. I have a few wireless solutions for gamecube controls but have been using the pro controller so much on switch over the last few years it`s the controller I`m most comfortable with lately, so to be able to use it on gamecube is prettt sweet.

  • 5

    Posted by Jose Rivera on Oct 24th 2023

    Works Amazing! No drops! Paired my switch gamecube Controllers.