Playstation Kit for MODE

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Playstation Kit for MODE

This Playstation Kit contains the necessary hardware that is required to install a MODE into your Sony Playstation 500x series or 550x series Console.  This kit requires good experience with soldering.  If you require an installation service, we have that available Here.

This is the PSX MODE Kit only. This does NOT include the MODE unit. 

Each KIT contains :


•PU-18 (500X & 550X model PS1s) Quick Solder Board (QSB)

• 21 PIN Data Cable

• Power Cable

• Four PCB Mounting Feets

• Plastic Spacer


PlayStation Model Compatibility List:

  • SCPH-5000
  • SCPH-5001
  • SCPH-5500
  • SCPH-5501
  • SCPH-5502
  • SCPH-5503


Installation Manual