Playstation In-Game Reset Kit + Installation Bundle

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Playstation In-Game Reset Kit + Installation Bundle

This Playstation Reset Kit contains the necessary hardware to install into your Sony Playstation Console to add a button configuration that will reset the playstation console right from your controller.  This can be useful when using the system with a MODE, PSIO, or X-Station Optical Drive Emulator to get back to their menus, or just to reboot your games without having to use the consoles reset button.  

Mail n your Playstation console* and have us do the installation with this bundle which includes the hardware kit plus a professional installation



Ship just your Playstation Console with invoice to:
(please no AV cables, power cables, or accessories)

Stone Age Gamer - PSX
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460


*Shipping charge is for the return shipment of your console.  You are responsible for mailing the console in to us.  If you would prefer to purchase a pre-paid shipping label from us for sending in the console, please email us at to set that up before purchasing.