Neo Geo CD SD Loader by Furrtek - TOP LOADER

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Neo Geo CD SD Loader by Furrtek - TOP LOADER

PLEASE NOTE: This model does NOT work with the CD-Z Console variant

This is Furrtek’s NeoGeo CD SD Loader. The kit includes a NGCD SD Loader main board (rev E, for top loader units), an assembled microSD board, a flex ribbon cable and a connector to plug CDDA into the board. The kit comes assembled with very a tight PLCC68 socket so that connectivity problems are no longer an issue.


Installation instructions can be found here:

Thanks to Furrtek for designing this great piece of kit and for making it available

Manufactured by Rexus Nexus

For Support please email us directly.  

Please Note:  Failed installation attempts cannot be returned.  We recommend using our installation service if you do not want to risk a failed attempt at installing this modification.  



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4 Reviews

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    Neo SD loader. SD required first boot

    Posted by Red on Dec 11th 2023

    I recently found an okay deal on a Neo Geo Cd top loader and decided to pick it up. First time having an SNK console and only really knew that the games would be expensive. So I was planning on picking up the NeoSD Loader. I’ve done a few console mods in the past without having too much trouble. This one went pretty smoothly until I got everything connected and decided to check operation before I put everything back together. To my surprise it didn’t show any picture on my screen. I started trouble shooting, cleaning checking solder connections, reread the instructions. I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I revised the mod and put it back to factory and everything worked normally. After scratching my head for a while I decided to try again and still no luck. After a lot more research I found that on first boot you must have the SD card with the firmware on it or it won’t do anything. More than likely it was fine the first time but you live and you learn. It works great! And compared to using the CD drive, night and day. The SD card is a little difficult to remove and you might need a flashlight to figure out which vent it goes through but it’s a small problem.

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    Nice quality of life improvement

    Posted by James D on Nov 12th 2023

    I finally got around to installing this mod on my top loader. It works great and is a really nice improvement over a stock Neo CD. Really not too bad of a mod to install. 2 things I noticed following Furrtek’s guide - 4” leads on the were not nearly long enough to wire this up for me. I wasted some time having to resoldered that bit. 2nd, I tried to reinstall the thing shield on the top loader around the analog output and I would advise you to just leave that part out as you put the console back together because it contacts the SD card reader arm and will short out if you leave it in. Thankfully, no harm done, removing it remedied the problem and I’m very happy with the install.

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    Great Mod

    Posted by Michael Bennett Roach on Feb 21st 2023

    The Neo Geo CD SD is great. It speeds up those pesky cd load time to a fraction of what they are when using a disk. The best part of the mod to me though, is the fact that it leaves the CD drive alone. So if yours is still working you can choose to still use physical CDs if you want. The install isn’t difficult and is extremely well documented by Furtek. You do have to pull up a pin, but the chip isn’t the tiniest so I found it to be very manageable. I did however have a couple of issues with the install. Running some of the plugs to the new board took a little finagling since they were so sort. This WAS NOT a problem of the kit, but more of the Neo Geo CD’s short cables. I also broke the flat ribbon cable when trying to plug it back in. This to was more of a fluke on my part and not a problem of the kit, though I do wish they had a latch to help keep them in place better. Still minor problems aside everything went well and fit great. I LOVE my new Neo Geo CD SD!

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    Neo Geo SD loader rev. F

    Posted by Sean on Jan 19th 2023

    I`ve installed this mod on several top loaders and it is just as easy to install with front loaders; Given a decent understanding of how to solder. Cutting pin 12 on the IC is really the only place where damage may occur to the board if not careful. Make sure to download the firmware .wad file for the first boot as these do not come with firmware flashed to them. The load time benefit alone is enough reason to get one of these.