Power Adapter for Neo Geo CD (All models) 100-240V

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Power Adapter for Neo Geo CD (All models) 100-240V

Replacement Power Adapter for your Neo Geo CD!

Compatible with all NEO GEO CD PAL / USA / JAPAN Consoles.  

7 Reviews

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    Console saver psu

    Posted by Kermit on Jun 14th 2024

    Due to the dificulty to find an original psu this one comes as savior. Works great.

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    Good, except the plug

    Posted by Shawn on Sep 26th 2023

    Works great. But I agree with some of the comments I have seen that the plug (which plugs into the console) is a little tight. You need to force it into the Console, and that is a little upsetting.

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    Reviving A Classic With Dedication

    Posted by Adel Jamal on Apr 1st 2023

    This power supply ``brick`` comes in a sleek shiny black shell with the ``JGO`` initials which are the guys that are taking care of keeping NEO-GEO relevant, fresh, and alive for all of us.

    It plugs right into the outlet without needing any kind of step-down or step-up converters to ensure a safe intake of v100~v240.

    I had initally bought this to make sure I had something to lean on as a back-up for the original POWCD-J that came with my console from Japan, as well as to remedy the buzzing I was experiencing with the sound output.

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    Posted by Casey Watkins on Jan 12th 2023

    Works exactly as described. Highly recommend.

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    Exactly What I Needed For My NTSC-J Neo Geo CD

    Posted by Travis Nellor on Mar 31st 2022

    In the US, Japanese Neo Geo CD's are a lot easier to get your hands on than North American models. Even though I have a voltage stepper for other Japanese devices, this is much simpler to use. It takes 100-240V input, so it should work pretty much anywhere, not just the US.

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    Power Adapter for Neo Geo CD

    Posted by Tyler on Sep 3rd 2021

    This power adapter did not fit the Neo Geo CDZ. However, after speaking with multiple people on the Neo Geo forums, I was able to trim the rubber so it fit. It works perfectly. Was very hard to find a CDZ power cord at the time of purchase.

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    Power Adapter for Neo Geo CD

    Posted by Luis Javier on Sep 2nd 2021

    This product was a great and handy product to have. I had just bought a Neo Geo CD and the power adapter it came with was faulty. Luckily Stone Age Gamers had this available and I was able to purchase it and receive it in two business days. It definitely works like the original adapter and wasn't too expensive compared to the prices of the OEM adapter. Definitely recommend this adapter to any Neo Geo CD owner in need of a replacement power adapter.