Installation Service + Virtual Ribbon Hardware Kit - Mail-In Service

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Installation Service + Virtual Ribbon Hardware Kit - Mail-In Service
PLEASE NOTE: Modding/Installation Services typically take 2 - 15 business days from the time we receive the console. The return shipping cost of this service is NOT eligible for flat rate shipping (actual shipping will be calculated at checkout for return shipping service).



Ship only your Virtual Boy Head Unit (Please do NOT send AV cables, power cables, or accessories) along with a printed copy of your invoice.  Please send to:

Stone Age Gamer - Mods
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460

PLEASE READ: We highly suggest insuring your shipment to us. We are not responsible for any damage until the console is received and inspected. Your console must be in working order when inspected, a restocking fee may apply if the console is not functional when received. We provide the installation of the Virtual Ribbon product along with the hardware.  If you would like some other services such as an ultrasonic cleaning please order them separately.   

20 Reviews

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    It`s nice to play Virtual Boy without having to worry about the displays going out.

    Posted by T on Sep 12th 2023

    System was repaired and shipped within one day and was packed safely. Excellent customer service. For anyone wanting their Virtual Boy repaired I would suggest this service. It`s definitely worth it.

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    Virtual Boy Revived!

    Posted by Jimmy on Jul 29th 2023

    Great service! I`m so happy that my VB is playable again and looks like new. Process was easy and quick. Shoutout to Borderline OCD on youtube for the recommendation.

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    Great item, great service

    Posted by Great product, great service on Jul 23rd 2023

    My virtual Boy went in with one eye dead and one glitching crazily, came back better than ever. An absolute must for anyone who wants to use their virtual Boy for a long time to come.

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    Fast turnaround great install service

    Posted by Kimbapslice on Jun 23rd 2023

    The virtual ribbon has restored functionality to both eye pieces of my original Virtual Boy. The left side started glitching up about 10 years ago and then eventually just stopped working. Before sending it in to Stoneagegamer, the right eye was glitchy as well. The turnaround time for this install service is amazing. Great work and a fair price. The virtual ribbon has eliminated my fears of the system going bad again due to the glue. This part + install service is highly recommended for all Virtual Boy owners.

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    Virtual boy screen repair

    Posted by Xander on Jun 22nd 2023

    Unless your skilled enough to do it yourself I highly recommend doing the mail in to repair your virtual boy since the original ribbon cable Nintendo made is not going to last forever.

  • 5
    Perfect Virtual Boy Repair

    Posted by Edward G. on Jun 10th 2023

    Great service! I got my system back a week after mailing it in. Both the screens were failing on my unit prior to the repair. Now it`s working good as new. Highly recommend this for all virtual boy owners!

  • 5
    Virtually Perfect

    Posted by Dane Barnes on May 24th 2023

    Sent in my VB with a broken left eye screen, got the Virtual Ribbon installed and it works perfectly. Also asked them to look at the IPD adjustment since it wasn`t moving and they fixed that as well. Quick turn around, packaged well. Great mod service!

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    Installation Service + Virtual Ribbon Hardware Kit - Mail - In Service

    Posted by Brinx01 on Apr 22nd 2023

    I performed a repair many years ago using the ``oven method`` on my Virtual Boy, and it worked very well at the time. I played it for quite a while and eventually put it away planning to bring it out again on some unknown future date, knowing that the repair was not a permanent fix. That was over 10 years ago. More recently I started messing around with some VB emulation and got curious to see how the oven method held up on the real thing. As expected, it was dead again. I was happy to find that there is now a more permanent fix that should make the Virtual Boy a fun gaming system that I can store properly and get again out as needed without worrying about the system not working. I just got it back today and am very impressed so far. Hopefully this repair will keep my Virtual Boy (which I have owned since 10/19/1995 - going on 28 years) alive and kicking for many more years to come.

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    Virtual Boy Repair

    Posted by Tim on Apr 12th 2023

    I just received my fixed up Virtual Boy and what a quick turnaround it was. All in all it only took one week from beginning to end. It`s great knowing there is a solid company out there doing quality work. I look forward to utilizing their specialty crafts in the future. Thanks Stone Age Gamer!