HD Compatible Cable for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 - LevelHike

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HD Compatible Cable for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 - LevelHike

Our Mission Statement
Just take out the classic consoles and get them set up in the simplest way for modern TVs that are omitting old cable hookups.
This is the right way to go about good video quality at high cost performance-An affordable & convenient option when it comes to retro gaming experiences.

Make sure "Component Video Out" on PS2 menu is chosen to "RGB" mode or image can be tinted green because our cable need to utilize RGB signal.
Instruction guide is included in package.

PAL Games for North America(NTSC) PS2
You can play exclusive PAL games in Europe directly now because of the upscaler in cable.

Maximum Compatibility with Trending TVs on Market
Native resolution 480i from PS2 and 240P from PS1 are upscaled to 720P for best matching with current HDMI standard because some modern TVs don't support 480i and 240P.
Default display is 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio can be manually adjusted on setting of most TVs.

Awesome Video Quality
Processed RGB signal display all games with excellent vibrant color reproduction, clearly softer image which removes haze, sharper text & textures, less glaring jaggies, less pixelation and better definition than standard AV cable.
It can function well with PS1, PS2, even using PS2 to play PS1 games.

Manual Adjustment
Our cable's colors have been specifically calibrated for PS1/PS2.
However final display doesn't only depend on our cable quality but what games you are playing and TV quality.
Some PS2 games with alternate display modes:
Try to adjust the higher backlight or brightness, dynamic setting or other parameters on TV if you want to improve the display more.


4 Reviews

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    Wonderful for Playstation 1, and does its best for Playstation 2.

    Posted by AJ on Dec 26th 2021

    This is a wonderful cord that will bump the PS1 and PS2 to 480P signals with a built in upscaler. I do not notice any added input lag despite the upscaling. This cord is a miracle worker for the PS1, it makes everything look vibrant and detailed. This does make dithering effects more noticeable though, be warned. Games like Silent Hill use a lot of them too. Speaking of Silent Hill, it's super infamous for resolution switching whenever you open the menu. This is noticeable yes, but it doesn't take more than like a half a second unlike a lot of other upscalers out there.

    Playstation 2 on the other hand, could be better. This isn't the fault of the cord at all, but the PS2 just looks terrible no matter what you do. The big advantage again is the deinterlacing and upscaling to 480p, which allows for the mClassic to clean up the image considerably, but that's sold separately. The disadvantage to this cable is that it uses the RGB mode for PS2 as opposed to the YPbPr. This will mean you can't take advantage of higher output resolutions, but those are kind of rare anyways and don't end up looking much better.

  • 3
    Works alright on tv, poorly on my capture card, and the tech support is horrible.

    Posted by Matthew Jeffrey on Dec 9th 2021

    The quality on my tv so far works pretty well. I don't notice any lag or any rough spots. I also stream though and I mainly got this for my el gato so I could stream my older consoles. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work super well. Most of the time I get a black screen with audio, and rarely video to go along with it. It's weird because I know other people don't have any problems, or at least if they do they were able to figure it out easily. I contacted Levelhike's twitter account to get some support, and it basically ended in a very unhelpful "We capture our footage with a different capture card, so you should buy that one instead to see if it works with that one."even though I mentioned that it works on el gato capture cards for other people. When I asked if there was anyone else I could contact for some better support, I got ignored. I think I figured out my problem, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, if you just want it for your tv, it works well enough. If you're a streamer though, there are probably better options for a little bit more money. I certainly wouldn't recommend this product.

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    LevelHike PS2 Cable

    Posted by R. D. on Jun 18th 2021

    This cable works great! I got this so that I could use my PS2 with modern TVs and it provides a great picture with no noticeable lag. I'm even able to power the cable using the USB ports on the front of the PS2 allowing for a clean and simple setup. Great functionality at a great price!

  • 5
    LevelHike Cable

    Posted by Arrington Smith on Jun 2nd 2021

    I originally bought these upgrade my PS2 horrible image clarity. Glad I did, because the picture has never looked sharper! PS1 and PS2 games look amazing, as if they were intended to be used with this cable! Also, I love that there is a switch to adjust the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9). Kratos's bald head has never shined so brightly before! If you are looking for a cheap affordable way to upscale the PS2 on a modern TV, then I highly vouch for these cables!