Gamebox 64HD - Digital Video Output Kit

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Gamebox 64HD - Digital Video Output Kit



WARNING: We consider this an Expert Level modification for the Nintendo 64. This kit involves soldering directly to the legs of the N64 NUS which requires an advanced level of soldering skills. Meaning only those with significant modding experience should attempt this modification. Stone Age Gamer, nor the manufacturer, will warranty modifications that are not done properly. If you do not feel comfortable installing the 64HD in a Nintendo 64 yourself we highly suggest either using an approved modder (we offer this service for $119.99) bundle the 64HD and install service together HERE.


Included in the kit:

  • 64HD PCB
  • HDMI Daughterboard PCB + Ribbon Cable
  • Booster Bracket
  • Quick solder flex cable
  • No-cut A/V Shroud (not picture, included)
  • Foam Adhesive Pad (for N64 motherboard revisions NUS-CPU-06 through NUS-CPU-09)(Not pictured, included)


  • Compatible with all N64 models
  • Supported Resolutions
    • 1080i60 (1920×1080 interlaced)
    • 720p60 (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode)
    • 480p60 (720×480 progressive)
    • 240p60 (1440×240 progressive, use with component converter for PVM/CRT screens)
  • Scaling Modes
    • Integer 1:1 PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
    • Full Screen non-Linear
    • Non-integer linear scaling (Default scaling option)
    • Overscan for All Scaling Modes
  • VI Deblur
  • Image Brightness Control
  • 3 Pixel Filter modes
  • 3 Scanline Modes (Simple and Hybrid)
  • Settings saving


  • Intallation Guide:
  • This mod outputs the digital video signal directly from the on-board FPGA. 720p mode is compatible with almost all devices we tested, however, 480p and 1080i are auxiliary modes that may have issues on some devices such as audio or graphical glitches.
  • 240p mode is to be used with non-scaling HDMI to component adapters for CRTs and PVMs. Component adapters that have an internal image scaler will present issues with with 240p mode specifically. Component adapter must also support 480i input, 480p support only does not suffice for 240p mode. These compatible converters seem to be in short supply at the moment, but we will post a link here to a suitable converter when a tested and reliable source is found.

8 Reviews

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    Posted by Michael on Jul 6th 2024

    I bought the 64HD as an alternative to the pricier PixelFX solution. Be aware that if certain situations arise where you require ordering extra parts (such as a new RCP flex cable), you`ll be waiting for months for any opportunity, and then they are snapped up immediately. After 9 months of waiting, I tore the 64HD off my system and put a Retro GEM on instead. Best decision I made.

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    gamebox 64

    Posted by joshua hodnett on Jul 17th 2023

    this hdmi mod is amazing. At first a few glitches but then once updated, it looks even better now on 1080i. sound is perfect, picture with de blur dosent hurt eyes anymore like when using just the av cable or s video cable. Install was pretty good with video instructions on youtube. Great quality and easy to update yourself with a very cheap pico pi or xilinx. Fast delivery from stone age gamer thanks.

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    Posted by James on Jun 25th 2023

    All I get is a jumbled screen of multicolored lines.

  • 4
    Decent picture but doesn’t work with everdrive

    Posted by Hotdogs_stuff on Jun 12th 2023

    I installed this mod myself (I have a lot of experience so it was not too bad), it works well with all my original games although I do not think the picture is as good as my rgb mod with my retrotink 5x (I have a 65” Sony Bravia). The one thing that aggravates me is that the menu on my everdrive 64 (v2.5) is scrambled into a rainbow. I can blindly launch games and the games work fine, but the menu has comparability issues. This leads to my next gripe, they put out a firmware update which allows a near 1080 resolution- but this device is not firmware upgradable- so only future customers will get that benefit. So the pros are it’s available and has a nice 720p image that seems to be lag free- and it’s available! The cons for me are it’s not firmware upgradeable and my everdrive doesn’t work. I read on Reddit that the everdrive 64x7 works fine- but I don’t have one yet.

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    HDMI for N64

    Posted by Lucky on May 28th 2023

    My first time doing any type of mod, but I had fun learning. Please understand when they say its - expert level. It really is expert level. Make sure you have the right tools and watch as many videos as you can find. Take your time and have fun. I love having my N64 hooked up via HDMI to my TV.

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    Improved image quality, but not amazing

    Posted by Matt on May 28th 2023

    Works as intended if installed correct, which can be difficult if you dont have experience. The picture is definitely an improvement, but it`s not revolutionary per se. Very convienent to have hdmi, reduces lag of built in upscalers in your TV if you were using component cables before. Different filters and widths are better for different screens. A little disappointed there isnt a 1080p or 4k option, but it is a lot cheaper the pixelfx or n64 digital.

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    Pretty good for the price!, great scaling and bad scanlines.

    Posted by Jairo on May 9th 2023

    Installing this is so much easier than say, Tim Worthington N64RGB, that and simple HDMI connectivy are the main selling point, It`s up to three times less soldering and chances of messing up depending on your model.

    Now, when It comes to the quality it`s perfect when it works well, my unit has video sync issues sometimes that requires re-setting resolution to get rid off, audio doesn`t work with Cheap Super64, but works great with Everdrive and genuine games. It doesn`t work with my PC monitors but works well with my LG Oled TV except that it detects the RGB range as limited automatically instead of the expected full range (be sure to check on this setting to avoid bad clipping), scanlines are pretty crude so I can`t imagine someone liking them, scaling is pretty good on the 1.5x TV setting!.

    If video sync issues get resolved, this solution would be the best/optimal if you simply want to use your N64 on an HDMI TV and don`t care much for scanlines or CRT TVs and prefer not to spend a lot more of slighly better solutions.

  • 5
    GameBox 64HD

    Posted by B is for Banana on May 8th 2023

    Great solution for N64 digital video and audio output. The soldering to the legs of the IC is nerve racking, even for those with experience in fine work. Be sure to have the proper equipment and skill before attempting. The Installation service is a wise investment if there are any doubts. When first turned on I only had video and no audio. This was an easy fix by adjusting the audio settings in the OSD menu. Recommended!