Foam Replacement Eyeshade for Virtual Boy

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Foam Replacement Eyeshade for Virtual Boy

Replacement Eyeshade for Virtual Boy that attaches directly to Eyeshade Holder*


Made from Military grade foam; same type used in military textiles or military personal clothing. 


  • Dark black color with textured finish for improve VB aesthetics.
  • Close-Cell-Foam, meaning it’s anti-water-absorbing to allow easy washing and non-sweat absorbing.
  • Foam industry added skin/finish for higher quality look & feel. 
  • 3/16” thickness increase stiffness, rigidity, and comfort. Great for players who like laying down flat and placing the VB over-top the eye. 
  • Fully compatible with official Nintendo Eyeshade Holder or Vintex 64 reproduction Eyeshade Holder.

Please note, foam perimeter trim may have some miner cut lines, a new slight industrial smell, and minor surface spot imperfections. Also, excess tension will tear foam’s supporting holes in Eyeshade Holder. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Pictured Eyeshade Holder sold separately

9 Reviews

  • 3
    Works fine but quality isn’t great.

    Posted by Rad Retro Bros on Feb 18th 2024

    This is a good replacement however, I was a little disappointed in the quality. It feels cheap.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Tony on Aug 10th 2023

    I never had an OEM eye shade, so I can`t compare, but this one definitely does make quite the difference versus playing without one. It`s alson reasonably comfortable.

  • 4
    Good Replacement Eyeshade

    Posted by Edward G. on Jun 10th 2023

    It`s a pretty solid replacement. Definitely not like the original but it gets the job done and is not uncomfortable. Highly recommend if your existing eyeshade is wearing out or missing.

  • 3
    Do its job

    Posted by Gerardo on Mar 25th 2023

    Not the best replacement but do its job

  • 5
    Quality product. Worth the money.

    Posted by Stephen DeBenedetto on Feb 12th 2023

    I haven`t used an OG Virtual Boy eye shade since 1995. I bought this to put on my virtual boy I bought from SAG. It attached easily to the new eye shade holder and is comfortable to use.

    Is it of the same quality of a brand new OEM one? Probably not.

    Is it not crumbling and 25+ years old with dirt and debris on it thats old enough to rent a car? Yes.

    Unless your OG eye shade is immaculate, I`d highly recommend replacing it with this one.

  • 3
    Kinda disappointing but does the job

    Posted by Phil on Apr 25th 2022

    If you are looking for something that looks and feels like the original eyeshade, you should look elsewhere. If you original one is in really rough shape and you just want a cheap replacement in order to just play, this is fine I suppose.

  • 4
    It's not the orginal but I like it

    Posted by M Donovan Aikman on Apr 1st 2022

    Mine, like a lot of used VBs I have seen, came without this shade. Parts are hard to come by so if you can find OEM or a full proper repro, be prepared to pay. This soft foam piece fits easily onto the pegs and blocks all that annoying sidelight nicely. It's what I needed without the fuss of having to make it myself.

  • 1
    Very cheap product for a reason. Not replica of original.

    Posted by Jonathan on Jan 22nd 2022

    Talk about disappointed. I was waiting an eternity for those really high quality replicas of the original to come back. I was so excited seeing replacement eye shades come back, so I ordered without checking closely what it is.

    These are eye shades that are just sheets of thin foam that are cut to size. They could never dream of being adequate replacements of the soft, high quality, Nintendo brand eye shades. Be sure you're ok with that, because I'm not. These are way thinner than the OEM eye shades as well.

    Someone made a third-party version that was super close in quality to the originals. I thought those were back. My mistake.

  • 5
    My VB is fresh again!

    Posted by Andy C on Jul 8th 2021

    Great quality... I would say close or on par with the OEM one. give your VB that fresh look and smell.