EverDrive-GG Deluxe Case

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EverDrive-GG Deluxe Case

This is our brand new Deluxe-style case for the EverDrive-GG. The EverDrive-GG has never had a Deluxe Edition until now. For those who purchased an EverDrive-GG before the Deluxe Edition was available you are now able to purchase just the case to finally display your EverDrive-GG along side all your other flash carts.

What do you get?

  • BitBox TG-16/PCE/Game Gear Case
  • Color Insert with Gold "KRIKzz Certified" sticker

This does not include any stickers, manual, or the extended warranty.

If you purchased your EverDrive-GG between June 19th, 2018 and September 14th, 2018 you are eligible to add the extended warranty (3-year total from purchase date) for an extra $6. Please contact Stone Age Gamer Support to make this request before placing your order.