ClassicPad for Super NES - CirKa

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ClassicPad for Super NES - CirKa

The ClassicPad SNES Controller gives you the same classic feel of your favorite retro controller. 

It is the perfect solution for a lost or damaged controller. The Controller features an eight-way directional pad, 2 shoulder buttons, and 4 face buttons. The 10-foot cable allows for easy movement around your console. It's compatible with all SNES models.



• Compatible with Super NES® and consoles compatible with Super NES® cartridges


• Eight-way directional pad, 2 shoulder buttons, and 4 face buttons


• 10 ft. cable


6 Reviews

  • 1
    Cirka Classicpad

    Posted by Mark Walker on Jul 1st 2022

    Worked for exactly five minutes. Contacts inside the plug are absolute trash. Save your ten bucks and put it towards an oem controller.

  • 5
    One Great Controller

    Posted by Andrew on Jan 26th 2022

    This controller feels so good in my hands. It also plays so much like an original SNES controller. Combined with an extension cable, I can just lay on my couch and have some SNES on the big screen comfortably.

  • 4
    Almost perfect!

    Posted by Zigmund on Apr 12th 2021

    This is one of the better third party SNES controllers that are currently being produced. The feel of it is dead on. The plug is a little tight fit into the console's socket. The wire is a little stiffer than a real SNES controller, but no big deal (still not as still as a Genesis controller). But those aren't real concerns.

    My only real complaint is with the D-Pad. It feels good, and works great most of the time. However, you can accidentally hit diagonals when you only meant to hold a cardinal direction. This can be very irritating in certain games. But in most games, this isn't a problem at all. Besides this one caveat, this controller is an almost perfect replacement for a real SNES controller.

  • 4
    after use

    Posted by Joseph Ferris on Sep 24th 2018

    the buttons are great but the direction inputs seem to be a little odd as I hit direction I didn't intend to hit maybe due to the lack of a rolling dpad as I can input the center of the dpad instead of roll it as much.

  • 5
    Review from Jeffrey Jackson

    Posted by Jeffrey Jackson on Feb 21st 2015

    This the best aftermarket SNES controller on the market. I have tried many other aftermarket controllers for my SNES and haven't been very happy with them. The Cirka controller is different. It's very well made, and almost as heavy as a real SNES controller. The controls are very responsive and accurate (I used my SNES service cart to test it). I would recommend this controller to anyone looking for a new or replacement SNES controller. It's the next best thing to the real thing.

  • 5
    Review from Dan

    Posted by Dan on Feb 21st 2015

    Literally the best SNES aftermarket controller you'll ever find. Everything about it is great. The build quality is solid and feels durable, the buttons are clicky, and the D-Pad (which is almost always an issue with 3rd party controllers) is perfect. I never would've imagined I'd fine a 3rd party controller that's actually better than the official Nintendo SNES/SFC one, but this one is!