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Wingman Converter for NES and Super NES  - Brook

Wingman SNES is a cutting-edge adapter that allows players to play games on retro Nintendo NES, SNES, FC and SFC consoles with new generation controllers. You can enjoy the time travel with your favorite joystick or gamepad! Just immerse in the Pixel World.

Wingman SNES also grants controllers Turbo and Remap features, subverting the traditional game settings. The combination of the era and the classic creates a brand new gaming experience!


  • Support XBOX Series X/S /PS5/ Xbox360 / Xbox One* / PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro controllers to be used on NES, SNES, NewFC, and SFC retro gaming consoles.
  • Compatible most controllers game pads and fighting sticks up to 125 kinds, and the quantity it supports will continue…
  • Easy Plug & Play. Enjoy the time travel with your favorite joystick or gamepad! Just immerse in the Pixel World.
  • Stable and low latency. Faster reaction speed and immediate response. Support Turbo Function and Remap Settings.
  • Lightweight and small-sized. Please visit Brook website to check whether there is firmware update before using.


Wingman SNES



Wingman SNES supports the four retro consoles, NES, SNES, NewFC and SFC. Players don’t have to worry about the compatibility between controllers and retro consoles at relative’s or friend’s premises.

Its appearance is in harmony with the design of retro consoles, serving as a perfect collection and furnishing. Players can enjoy the intergenerational new experience.



List of Supported Controllers

*PLEASE NOTE: Xbox One / Elite controllers only work via a wired USB connection currently, due to the latest Microsoft firmware update they no longer work via wireless connection

Wingman SNES
Wingman SNES
Wingman SNES


While played on Nintendo NES, SNES, FC and SFC consoles, Wingman SNES will unleash the potentials of controllers.

By endowing controllers with Remap and Turbo features, playing games becomes more interesting with handier operation.

Wingman SNES


Low-latency and stable gaming experience has always been insisted by Brook, there is no exception for Wingman SNES.

To travel a smooth and wonderful space-time journey, please let Brooks take with you.


2 Reviews

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    Works great for PS3 controller on SNES!

    Posted by Jesse on May 15th 2024

    This works well for my PDP versus controller on my SNES. Because of this, I can play Phalanx with a great micro switch controller. Very happy with this purchase

  • 4
    Great for arcade sticks

    Posted by Andy Chiu on Jul 2nd 2022

    It works really well, use a modern arcade controller on your retro Nintendo systems. Don't forget to update the firmware, lots of new stuff with the updates... and that kind of leads to the only real issue with these (MD/PCE, SS/DC as well ... you really need to keep a copy of the update notes to operate this properly. There's turbo, different modes, different settings for different devices.. and only ONE button on the device. So everything is done with controller button combinations and watching the little blinking light.. it's not the most user friendly thing to operate. Good news is no input lag that I can feel and it works with any arcade stick i throw at it.