BrawlerGen USB Controller for Nintendo Switch and PC

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BrawlerGen USB Controller for Nintendo Switch and PC

The First Ever Next-Gen Controller for the New Sega Genesis Mini

The BrawlerGen USB controller showcases a modern and ergonomic design that is compatible with the new Sega Genesis Mini, the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

Providing a new and comfortable way to play your favorite games, the next-gen styled controller has a completely updated look over the original controllers. With its responsive D-pad and analog stick, the BrawlerGen USB is the ultimate way to relive your favorite games!


Sega Genesis Mini, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac


1 Review

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    Worst D-pad I ever used, and I own a Nintendo Switch.

    Posted by Matt on Dec 20th 2021

    This is actually the worst D-pad I ever used. There's no pivot, so it's way too easy to get inputs I don't want, no matter how careful I am. I press left/right, but keep getting up/down. Even navigating menus is a chore.
    Also, the home menu button macro was a terrible idea. The level select code in Sonic 1 is now impossible to do, because it requires A+Start and that's the home menu macro. Could have easily been avoided if it was something like Mode+A.
    I'm just gonna put this in a drawer and forget about it unless there's a way to fix the D-pad.