XPort External ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for 3DO by Fixel - USB / Micro SD

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XPort External ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for 3DO by Fixel - USB / Micro SD
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External ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for 3DO Consoles. The console must have 30-pin "Extension" port available to be compatible.

Disclaimer: This version allows FZ-EM256 emulation in addition to CD-ROM emulation. Anvil based FZ10 and GDO20X consoles while being compatible require additional fixes that are being worked on. Please take this into account while placing your order. Some games may not boot on Anvil-based machines.

Supports presenting game images stored on USB storage and microSD cards to the game console as CD-ROM mounted on the CD-ROM Drive. Includes 3d-printed or molded enclosure. Includes custom XPort cable.

  • Works on Pansonic FZ-1, Panasonic FZ-10, and Goldstar units with the 30-pin "extension" support
  • USB Storage (single partition)
  • SDCard (SDXC) (single partition)
  • Filesystems supported: FAT32, EXFAT - please see the following page for proper formatting software:
  • CDROM image formats supported: .bin/.cue, .iso, .nrg
  • Support for music CD images: CDDA; .cue + .wav (44100Hz @ 16bit stereo)
  • Save file transfer to/from external storage
  • EM256 file depot emulation. 

Please follow the guide : XPort quick start guide

boot.iso for menu : DOWNLOAD BOOT.ISO

support :


Please Note: Some users have reported not being able to get the Xport to work on their GoldStar 3DO systems, so you may want to look into if your Goldstar is an "Anvil" type mentioned above before planning to use it with the GoldStar model.  


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3 Reviews

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    Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Eightbit on Jun 1st 2024

    This is quite possibly the best ODE available for any console on the market due to its non-intrusive nature (truly plug and play) and variety of options. You can save NVRAM for each game to each folder, it has an easy and smart way to queue up disc images, it handles large media (I am using a 128GB microSDXC card with the complete collection) and it just works absolutely flawlessly with no compatibility issues that I can find. Truly a work of art and worth every penny spent. Yes it is pricey, but when you use it you will find it was money WELL spent. If you like the 3DO at all you absolutely need this device. Now that I can easily and affordably experience the entire 3DO collection on real hardware I have come to appreciate the console so much more than I did when I was a kid. Highly recommended!

  • 5

    Posted by Marcel Francisco Borean on Sep 6th 2023

    I discovered ODE with a friend, the possibility of revitalizing an old warrior like my FZ-10 is sensational. With the great advantage of zero heavy modifications, such as welding, trail breakage, etc. It`s a great addition to any collector, providing direct access to the entire 3DO library quickly and easily. Great job guys.

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    This ODE is a game-changer

    Posted by Rex on Mar 29th 2023

    I`m a huge fan of ODEs that don`t require taking out the disc drive to install, so as soon as this showed up on the SAG store I had to pick one up. It works great, but big big big big big major warning: it seems to have some issues with Goldstar 3DO units. I couldn`t get mine to connect at all (it felt like something was blocking it from connecting fully) and, judging from posts on the 3DO Discord, even if I had been able to get it to connect it would be hit or miss as to whether it would actually function. That being said, I traded my Goldstar unit for an FZ-1 at a local game store and it works perfectly with that. Setting up the SD Card is extremely simple, the interface is nice (I love being able to queue up discs in a playlist and switching between them via a button on the ODE), and I haven`t been encountered any compatibility issues so far. I also love that I can still use all my 3DO discs.