Wisdom Tree - Super 3D Noah's Ark T-shirt

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Wisdom Tree - Super 3D Noah's Ark T-shirt

A great conversation starter for retro gamers. Every retro gamer has a Mario t-shirt or a Sonic t-shirt, but not everyone has a Super 3D Noah's Ark t-shirt. 

This is an officially licensed Super 3D Noah's Ark t-shirt. The silk screen is done in a vintage soft style and the shirt color is Retro Heather Green.


Super 3D Noah's Ark was an unlicensed Christian-themed video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released by the biblical video game producer Wisdom Tree in 1994, and was the only commercial U.S released SNES game that was not officially sanctioned by Nintendo. In order to bypass the Super Nintendo's lockout chip, Wisdom Tree devised a pass-through system similar to the Game Genie, whereby the player had to insert an officially licensed SNES game into a cartridge slot in the top of Super 3D Noah's Ark.