Sega Saturn MODE Easy Access SATA Adapter Mounting Kit with M.2 Support

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Sega Saturn MODE Easy Access SATA Adapter Mounting Kit with M.2 Support

CLICK HERE for Installation Guides

      If you have been looking for a better solution for your storage device used with your TerraOnion MODE, this kit will allow you to get setup with an easy to access M.2 SSD drive!  This is a kit for mounting a SATA connection into the area of the console where the optical drive normally would be.  The kit includes all the hardware necessary to mount into your console, and an easy step-by-step guide in digital PDF format is linked on this listing.  Please note that while you can use a typical SATA 2.5" hard drive with this kit, you will not be able to shut the lid on the console if you do so, you would need to remove (just unplug) it from the adapter if you wanted to shut the lid.  Instead, we recommend using the included SATA to M.2 SSD adapter along with an M.2 SSD type drive* which will allow you to close the lid with plenty of room to spare.  No longer will you need to worry about opening up your console each time you want to access your SATA device!  This kit also includes a SATA to USB 3 adapter.  Just unplug the SATA adapter from the SATA port (hold both sides and pull / wiggle it from side to side to remove it) and plug it directly into the included SATA to USB 3 adapter.  Then plug the USB port into your PC and you can transfer your files with ease.  The Default color choice for the 3D printed mount is white.  We also have a select few other color options available on this listing.  If you have a special request of a different color you do not see feel free to email us to check, we may be able to offer a color that fits your needs.  

 *M.2 SSD Drive is NOT Included (pictures for representation only) - You must use the SATA type and NOT NVME type of M.2 drive - (only the SATA style M.2 drives are supported with the MODE)  

PLEASE NOTE: This Kit does not require the use of the Stone Age Gamer 3d printed MODE Mount, but it is recommended to use with it.  We may be able to 3D Print a different color by request, email [email protected] with any color request before placing your order.  

May take 1-3 days for the kit to be assembled