PlayStation MemCard Pro (Memory Card)

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PlayStation MemCard Pro (Memory Card)
SD Card Size

No more piles of tiny memory cards for the PlayStation 1 with a mere 15 blocks on each card.

Did you know that there are games that use a whole standard Memory Card for just 1 save?

The MemCard PRO was designed and assembled by 8BitMods, and it's a brand new offering for the PlayStation 1 that solves the problem of storing your game's saves forever.

High Tech

Using the latest components and powered with FPGA technology, the MemCard PRO offers an almost infinite amount of blocks for your PlayStation 1, from a single slot! An ESP32 module provides an incredible amount of power, with a dual-core processor running at 240MHz.

Endless Storage

MemCard PRO can store "virtual memory cards" on a standard microSD card of any size. Everything from 1GB to 1TB works!
Each gigabyte of storage on your microSD card equals to a whopping 8192 memory cards! Yes you've read that right! A 1GB microSD can store 122,880 blocks of PlayStation 1 game saves!

But it doesn't stop there! This little device is packed with features!

A Memory Card with WiFi!?

MemCard PRO can also connect to your WiFi network, to provide extra cool features! At this moment you can browse and control the Memory Cards on your microSD card, through an intuitive Web User Interface. It can also update its firmware over the internet, or through the microSD card slot.

Did we mention there is a super-bright OLED display on MemCard PRO? The display can show you the mounted memory card, along with more information like read and write access indicators. It can also show the card's name, which you can set through the WebUI.

PSIO & TerraOnion MODE compatible

If you have a modern PlayStation 1 Optical Disc Emulator, it's about to get even more exciting.

MemCard PRO can seamlessly communicate with the PSIO and TerraOnion MODE and automatically mount the memory card specifically for that game! If it's the first time you're running the game, it will automatically create 8 virtual memory cards for that specific game, and even show the game's name on the display! 

There are plans to add more features to MemCard PRO, and everything will be added for free, through a firmware update.

Launch Features:

  • OLED display that shows the mounted memory card, read/write access indicators and network information
  • Supports any microSD card, from 1GB to 1TB. Every GB of storage has enough space for approximately 8000 cards
  • WiFi connectivity and remote features through a WebUI
  • Switch the active channel through a game pad combination or with the card's physical buttons
  • Easy wireless network setup from a wireless device's web browser, by connecting to its access point
  • Supports PSIO & TerraOnion MODE commands for automatic loading, game info and remote control
  • High quality manufacturing with an injection molded shell and hard gold plated fingers

Planned Features:*

  • Load the stored memory cards remotely through the WebUI and manage individual blocks
  • Local and Cloud backup functionality through file rotation
  • Share saves with your friends
  • Download saves and memory cards directly to your MemCard PRO from a URL
  • ... more surprises!


While the memory card works on PlayStation 2 as a normal PlayStation 1 card does (i.e. to save when playing PlayStation 1 games), later Slim models of PlayStation 2, and the PlayStation 3 adapter are not compatible, without modifying the PS2 or the PS3 Adapter.

*Planned are based on the capabilities of the MemCard PRO hardware, and may not be implemented.



41 Reviews

  • 5
    MemCard Pro

    Posted by Bailey G on Aug 13th 2022

    Took a couple attempts at reformatting my samsung micro sd card but eventually the memcard was able to read it. After that hiccup the device worked flawlessly. The wifi capability is quite nice and simple to set up/use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to save money on buying multiple standard memory cards and the added functionality that comes with the memcard pro's ability to interface w/ ODE devices.

  • 5
    Memcard Pro

    Posted by Maxwell Spencer Guerra on Aug 7th 2022

    Fantastic alternative to original memory cards. Allows me to back up saves onto my computer. The only issue I have that really isn't terrible is that the SD card doesn't sit flush when fully seated in the device. The reason this is an issue is it gives enough of the SD card to stick out that my toddlers can remove the SD card and take it around the house.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jeremy Brown on Jul 31st 2022

    This takes the drawbacks of the og memory card and tosses them making it feel more modern to how games are saved and stored now.

  • 5

    Posted by Ana Vidal on Jul 30th 2022

    Amazing invention, it allows that you save many games without spending on individual memory cards.

  • 5
    MemCard Pro

    Posted by Robert on Jul 29th 2022

    It does everything it says it will do. Its a must have for any PlayStation enthusiast. If you have an Xstation or MODE; the MemCard will automatically switch to the correct virtual memory card. You'll never run out of space for game saves either; 1 GB equals 8000 original memory cards. My SD Card is 32 GB which means I have the equivalent of 256000 original cards.

  • 5
    Excellent Option for Retro Gamers

    Posted by Joshua T on Jul 28th 2022

    Using the memory card is a breeze, and it's a great way to back up your existing saves for back up and also great just for having a one stop shop for all your memory card needs.

  • 5
    Unparalleled power for the PS1

    Posted by Katherine C on Jul 27th 2022

    This is, without a doubt, one of the most useful things you can get for a PlayStation. It works on both the PS1 and PS2, but it will only save for PS1 games!

    The real power with this is in how it connects to some of the ODE solutions out there. I use an X Station, and it works seamlessly with the games I’ve tested. It is incredible to be able to have a fresh memory card be created for each game I play. This does cause a few issues when it comes to some of the “trick” features like Metal Gear Solid’s memory card reading, but you can enable that by manually moving save data around.

    This is not a cheap memory card by any stretch, but the advertisement is correct: you will not need another memory card for your PS1 games ever again. This is a game changer for me, as I relive my childhood favorites and explore the games I missed, now the memory card is worry-free. Highly recommend this one.

  • 5
    Memcard Pro is AMAZING!

    Posted by Jeremy H. on Jul 26th 2022

    I've always struggled with memory card management with the PS1, certain memory cards were dying and I was liable to lose those saves. On top of that, I had purchased an XStation and the idea of having to buy a metric ton of memory cards to keep saves for all the games I was going to play seemed daunting.

    Enter: The Memcard Pro.

    With even the cheapest and smallest SD card available on this site, I have essentially infinite memory cards, all of which are manageable on my computer through wi-fi without ever having to unplug the Memcard Pro. A very efficient solution to a troublesome quandary.

    The only thing I would suggest is an issue that I and many others have had in getting the Memcard Pro working, and it's absolutely not the Memcard Pro's fault. But before you buy, please make sure that your 8v fuse on the controller port is working properly. The Memcard Pro draws power from this, so if your fuse is blown, the Memcard Pro will not work.

    Otherwise, and again keeping in mind that 8BitMods is not responsible in any way, shape, or form for the issue I had, it was entirely on my Playstation's fuse, the Memcard Pro has worked flawlessly and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. If you have an XStation this is a must buy, but even if you don't, it's still completely worth the price to never have to buy another memory card again.

  • 5

    Posted by Mikael Provencher on Jul 25th 2022

    Gray card is matching the console color nicely. oled screen is not bright enough to be disturbing but still very clear and easily readable. The only flaw I could see it the SD card location. While convenient, it would have been nice to hide it completely.